You sleep peacefully without a worry in your mind just because we know that they are out their guarding our borders. You don’t give a second thought before venturing out of

your homes because you know that they have got your back. They are the soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces who give their blood and sweat to make you and every citizen in the country feel safe.indian-soldiers
But, what do they get in return? A lonely life away from their families, hardships of living in treacherous and inhabitable areas and danger hovering over them like Damocles sword. Over the past few years, with the militant activities across the border having grown manifolds, this seems to have become quite a norm in the life of the Indian soldier. Every now and then you can see the newspapers splashed with militant activities which cost many of our soldiers, their lives.

Proud Story of Our Indian Soldiers

The latest to join this list of assorted militant attacks on our soldiers is Uri attackin Kashmir. It lies close to the LOC. It is believed that the militants made their way into the army camp through the canals that form the outer boundary of the camp. The attack took place in the wee hours of the morning. The militants sneaked into the camp at 5:30 am on 18th September 2016 and attacked a tent that housed soldiers of the 10 Dogra regiment.uri-attacks-in-kashmir
The terrorists were armed with AK-47 rifles and explosives which they used on the sleeping jawans. Our soldiers fought back valiantly and after a 3 hour long gun battle, they were able to kill all the four

Fallen Heroes – We Salute the Sacrifice of 18 Soldiers

However, our army too faced a major setback what with 17 of our soldiers being killed at the battlefield and 20 others severely injured. The injured soldiers were airlifted to a nearby hospital in the city where another one succumbed to his injuries. What’s heart rending is the thought that most of the soldiers who died, were sleeping peacefully in the tent when the militants attacked them.4-stories-that-highlight
All the top officials and ministers in the country have expressed their condolences to the families of these soldiers. But, are these words enough? What exactly is our country doing for these brave hearts? What is the Government thinking?people-we-lost-in-uri-attack
Every time an assault happens, the news channels create an endless ruckus about the whole incident for a couple of days and then move on to more “interesting” news. The so called patriots of the social media share pictures of the attacks and ask the fellow browsers to follow suit to prove their patriotism.

It is time that as a country we start realizing the great sacrifice that our soldiers make for us. We need to urge the government to improve its defenses such that these unsolicited attacks, like the one that happened in Uri do not happen again.

And most importantly, steps need to be taken to secure the lives of the families of the martyrs. A few lakh rupees offered by the Government cannot see them through the whole life. Something more in form of a secure future for the parents, a job for the spouse, better education for the children needs to be done.

Unless the Government starts taking serious steps to improve the lives of the soldiers and their families, there might come a time when the country lies defenseless and insecure.

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Good one, excellent. We need to give proper reply to Pakistan in the same manner thru our soldiers.

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