Shoes were invented as a necessity to help people protect their feet and to keep them clean. However, the changing fashion scene has given these a totally new avatar. Coupled with

this is the fact that fashion savvy people can go to any lengths to get their hands on the best shoes. This in turn prompted the fashion designers to come up with the most impeccable designs for shoes, some which are also very expensive.

Take a look at some of the most exorbitantly priced shoes in the world.

1. Harry Winston Ruby Slippersharry-winston-ruby-slippers-3million

Price : $3 Million

Inspired by Dorothy’s shoes in The Wizard of Oz, these slippers are embedded with 4600 rubies and has a bow tie kind of design in front which has been done up using 50 carat worth of diamonds.

2. Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth Heelsrita-hayworth-heels-3million

Price : $3 Million

Designer Stuart Weizman was inspired by Rita Hayworth’s favorite earrings to come up with the design of these shoes. Crafted from burnt satin and embellished with diamonds, rubies and sapphires, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan owns these shoes.

3. Stuart Weitzmans Cinderella Slipperscinderella-slippers-2million

Price : $2 Million

The glass slipper in the fairy tale of Cinderella is what inspired Stuart Weizman to come up with this stunning pair. Designed from Italian leather and fitted with platinum that has 565 Kwait diamonds embedded into it, Alisson Kraus wore these shoes to Oscars.

4. Nick Cannon’s Diamond Pumps nick-cannons-diamond-pumps-2million

Price : $2 Million

Renowned shoe designer, Jason took a pair of Tom Ford pumps and covered it up with 14000 round cut diamonds each of which was set in gold. It took him close to a year to design these shoes.

5. Harry Winston Ruby Slippersruby-stilettos-1-6million

Price : $1.6 Million

Another masterpiece by ace shoe designer Stuart Weizman, this shoe is designed using red satin with the straps being crafted in 123.33 carat platinum. The strap embeds 642 Burma rubies.

6. Platinum Gold Stilettosplatinum-gold-stilettos-1-09million

Price : $1.09 Million

It got the name platinum as the metal has been extensively used in this shoe. From platinum fabric to design the inners to platinum thread that embeds 464 Kwiat diamonds to the uppers, this shoe is a piece of art.

7. Marilyn Monroe Personally Owned & Worn Red High Heel Shoesmarilyn-monroe-shoes-1million

Price : $1 Million

Dedicated to the yesteryear beauty and star Marilyn Monroe, these shoes have a nude look with a huge rose designed from satin that covers the toes. The rose actually surrounds a bunch of Swarovski crystals which in fact are the earrings of the diva.

8. Wizard of Oz images A Pair of Original Ruby Slippersoriginal-ruby-slippers-612000

Price : $612,000

These were the original ruby sandals which the actress playing Dorothy in the movie The Wizard of Oz got to wear. The shoe is designed using red chiffon with red sequins embedded into it. The big bow is designed using bugle beads.

9. Kathryn Wilson’s Pumpskathryn-wilsons-pumps

Price : $418,450

This pair of shoes which is embedded with 21.18 carats of high quality diamonds and has been done up in lace and other embellishments was designed under heavy security. It was created with an aim to auction it.

10. Diamond Studded Nike Bootsdiamond-studded-nike-boots-218000

Price : $218,000

Designed by Luisa Di Marco, these shoes are embellished with white gold, black diamond and sapphire stones. These stunning sport shoes have been worn by renowned sportspersons like Rio Ferdinand and John Terry.

11. Mojaris once Worn by Nizam Sikandar Jah’s Shoesnizam-sikandar-jahs-shoes-160000

Price : $160,000

12.Reebok Question in Black and Redreebok-question-65000

Price : $65,000

13. Air Jordan Silver Shoesair-jordan-silver-shoes-60000

Price : $60,000

14. So Cal Air Force 1 Supreme Maxso-cal-air-force-1-supreme-max-50000

Price : $50,000

15. Big Boi’s Diamond Nike AF1 Sneakersbig-bois-diamond-nike-af1-sneakers-50000

Price : $50,000

16. Testoni Shoestestoni-shoes-38000

Price : $38,000

17. Testoni Men’s Dress Shoestestoni-mens-dress-shoes-30000

Price : $30,000

18. Nike Air Magnike-air-mag-12000

Price : $12,000

19. Louis VittoManhattan Richelieu Men’s Shoeslouis-vittomanhattan-richelieu-mens-shoes-10000

Price : $10,000

20. Aubercy Diamond Shoesaubercy-diamond-shoes-4510

Price : $4,510

Maybe buying such expensive shoes may really not be an appealing idea to you. But at least now you know that there are people in the world who are ready to pay a fortune to cover up their feet in the most exquisite manner.