Publishing Executive Steve Forbes Quotes

Publishing Executive Steve Forbes Quotes

Find the best quotes collection by American publishing executive Steve Forbes who was twice a candidate for the nomination of the Republican Party for President.

  • Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business
  • The politicians say ‘we’ can’t afford a tax cut. Maybe we can’t afford the politicians.
  • The real cure for what ails our health care system today is less government and more freedom.
  • What you do as president has consequences.
  • It can’t help but knock things down.
  • You don’t change minds in Washington with sweet reason. You do it to the white light of public opinion
  • Contrary to the cliche’, genuinely nice guys most often finish first or very near it.
  • A promise made should be a promise kept.
  • There’s plenty of juice to keep this economy going.
  • If a man breaks a pledge, the public ought to know it.
  • There’s no human censorship at kiosks.
  • One thing on psychology, which we’ve always known, is that every investor says they’re long-term – and they are until the market takes a hit.
  • And it would be fair. Everyone will pay the same tax and it will eliminate tax cheaters and corporate shenanigans.

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