Somebody Else Brought it to Life

 Did you thought about making facebook before mark zuckerberg? Or maybe that famous business somebody else in running right now was once an idea in your head? Have you ever

come across a situation when you get a brilliant idea in your head and then the very next day you hear somebody else implemented the very same idea and got successful?

I had a brilliant Idea but Somebody else brought it to life while it was in my head

A situation I come across most of the times is when I come up with an amazing idea for a business or I think about a brilliant idea for writing a story and then in a few days I find out somebody else already did that. This story is already published by someone who is now very successful in their life. This kind of scenario breaks my heart. It makes a person feels so ordinary. It makes you feel like you can never do something unique in your life and that’s when you give up.

I came across this situation so many times and I even decided not to think about ideas anymore but then after sometime I realized that it’s alright and I started thinking constructively again. Here is how I handled this feeling.

The Implementer is a Human Too


Managing your Feelings

Before feeling any kind of jealousy or hatred towards the person who actually achieved their goal by implementing that idea just think for once that he is a human too. He might have gone through hell to reach that point in their life. Maybe he had similar struggles in their life as you. So be kind and get inspired instead of being jealous. Just take it that way  if that person can go ahead and take a chance to introduce something new in the market that why can’t you?

Same Idea Different Mindsame-idea-different-mind

This was the most important realization I ever made. It’s not necessary that the idea I have in my mind will look exactly the same as the other person’s. Every hand has its own individuality so implement your idea your way and you never know it ends up as a success.

Write down Everythingwrite-down-everything

Do not keep in your head. Take it out right away. Scribble it in your notebook. Try to put it into words exactly as it  is in your head because sometimes we  have something amazing in our heads but we choose to ignore it and then somebody else shows up living the dream on the very same idea and then we regret it. So write down every stupid idea that comes across your mind so your thinking can open up and leads you to the best one.

Be Realisticbe-realistic

When it comes to ideas, don’t fly high on unicorns and rainbows. Busy yourself dreaming realistically. Make sure you dream keeping in mind the reality so you won’t fall from the cloud nine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making your imagination run wild because that’s when you come across most epic ideas but make sure it is an implementable plan.

Don’t Give Updont-give-up

Fears Holding You

After every failed attempt you will feel so tired and might just want to give up thinking that you can ever be successful and you will be left behind while other live their dreams on your ideas but remember success doesn’t have an age. It can sometimes take all your life or just a few days so never ever stop trying.


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Mahnoor Tahsin, A social sciences student, writer and event organizer who aspires to change the world through art, literature and little acts of kindness

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  • Laura

    This has happened many times to me – I’ve learned to write everything down as soon as it comes. And I’ve also learned to take action on the ideas that most excite me! And, even though someone is doing something I wanted to do, doesn’t mean I still can’t do MY version. Like you said, my unique spin on it! Love this post!

  • Aneeqa Aslam

    story of my life!

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