Mukesh Ambani, who with his hard work and amazing entrepreneurial skills became the richest man in India, has set an example of every person who has the responsibility of carrying forward

a family legacy. He is the Chairman and MD of Reliance Industries, which is one of the biggest private sector firms in India.

NameMukesh Ambani
Date of BirthApril 19, 1957
ParentsKokilaben Ambani, Dhirubhai Ambani
SiblingsAnil Ambani, Nina Kothari, Deepti Salgaonkar
EducationInstitute of Chemical Technology, Stanford University
SpouseNita Ambani
ChildernIsha Ambani, Akash Ambani, Anant Ambani
Net worth$23.5 Billion

 Early Life


Mukesh Ambani was born on 19th April 1957 to Dhirubhai Ambani who later went on to be a successful business magnate. Mukesh went to school at Hill Grange High School and later got his degree in Chemical Engineering from Institute of Chemical Technology. He went on to Stanford University to do his MBA. However, he dropped out of the course and returned to India to give his father a hand in establishing Reliance. Little did they know at the time that the country would soon become huge enterprise in the coming years.

An Impressive Career Graph


Once the company was established, Mukesh Ambani continued to assist his father in running it and played an integral part in its development. Under his tutelage, the company that started off as a polyester filament yarn manufacturing unit, soon diversified into other sectors like petrochemicals, petroleum refining and exploration of gas.

Later when mobile phones became a rage in India, he established Reliance Infocomm Limited that offered economical call rates and low cost handsets to all and sundry. The company has definitely grown manifolds since its conception and is now called Reliance Communication Limited.

Reliance – The Name Says it All


In the year 2010, when Mukesh Ambani led his team to establish one of the biggest grassroots petroleum refineries in Jamnagar, Gujarat, he added another feather to his cap. The establishment of this plant in turn benefitted Reliance Petrochemicals, which has shown a substantial growth in the last few years. The Reliance Group has diversified into various other arenas like retail sector, power, communications etc.

Controversies Galore


Mukesh Ambani has definitely seen a lot of success in his career. However, he has also had his share of controversies, one of the major one being the rift that was caused when his brother Anil Ambani accused him of having taken the major chunk of business after the death of their father.

Recently his company was also demanded to pay a fine of $579 million due to the shortage in production of gas. In other incident, politician Arvind Kejriwal accused him for interfering in the government matters.

However, Mukesh Ambani has held his forte and continues to lead his company to newer levels of success and milestones.

Awards and Accolades


Ambani has been honored with a number of awards over the years for his outstanding contribution to the economy of the country and the business arena.  He was awarded the Businessman of the Year Award by Financial Chronicle in 2010. He was ranked 5th Best Performing Global CEO in the Harvard Business Review. In the year 2016, Chemical Heritage Foundation awarded him with the Othmer Gold Medal.

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