Most Inspirational Abdul Kalam Quotes on Dreams

Life is nothing but an experience to be lived and each experience brings in something that could be either be encouraging and discouraging, depending on the situation. When life gives you

reasons to give up, getting yourself motivated is important so that you get the opportunity to achieve success in any field of activity you wish to be successful at.

Motivational quotes, in this regard, can be of great help because they inspire you to do better and make you come face to face with the untapped potential in you. They make you think about the possibilities and that propels you to try harder, till you do not reach your target.

“Dream, dream, dream. Dreams transform into thoughts result in action”.

dream-dream-dream-dreams-transform-into-thoughts-result-in-action by Abdul Kalam

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true”.

you-have-to-dream-before-your-dreams-can-come-true by Abdul Kalam

“Great dreams of great dreamers have always transcended”.

great-dreams-of-great-dreamers-have-always-transcended by Abdul Kalam

“Go after dreams, not people”.

go-after-dreams-not-people by Abdul Kalam

There have been many things said by Dr. Kalam to motivate the youth of our country. He said on the importance of having dreams of success, stressing their importance in their ability to motivate a person. Some quotes on this regard are:

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