Make A Difference – The World & You


There are two types of being in this world: the being that makes the difference and the being that need the difference.  Thomas Edison, Rockefeller, J.P Morgan, Bill Gates, and Charles Darwin … e.t.c they wanted to make a difference and they ended up making the world a better place. We live in a world where we choose what we want to do: to make the world a better place or to depend on the world.choose-what-we-want-to-do
The being with the difference makes the world a better place: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Ben Carson made a choice to make the world a better place. You too can end up making a difference in a little way you don’t have to wait until you are up before you make a difference.who-you-want-to-be

Sing that song, write that book, run that race, build that bridge, crack that joke and you are making a difference. The choice is yours to make a difference or to need the difference. Choose today who you want to be.

By Joseph Ogbuitepu

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