Touted to be the richest woman in the world, Christy Ruth Walton is said to have inherited her vast financial empire from her deceased husband and heir to Walmart, John Thomas

NameChristy Walton
Date of BirthFebruary 8, 1949
EducationHigh school is the higher education
SpouseJohn T. Walton
ChildernLukas Walton
Net worth$5.6 Billion

Walton. Although, of late, Bloomberg magazine has shown her net worth to be significantly lower – around 5 billion dollars from the heady 32 billion dollars projected earlier. She is known for her altruistic pursuits and is ranked as the highest woman philanthropist by Conde Nast Portfolio magazine.

In fact, she is known to have donated her seven acre home at San Diego to Cross Border Philanthropy. Apart from owning around 50.8% of Walmart shares and 96% of Arvest Bank shares, she has stakes in a solar energy company called First Solar as well. She is also known for being one of the highest contributors to Republican legislative candidates.


Born Christy Tallant on 8th February 1955, young Christy spent most of her growing up years in Jackson, Wyoming, US.

Early lifechristy-walton-in-the-early-age

Her marriage to John Thomas Walton of the Walton family, arguably the richest family in the world and owners of the retail giant, Walmart, was a turning point in her life. Her husband, the heir of Walmart and son of the Walmart founder, Sam Walton, had served in Vietnam as a medic and a member of the Green Berets. He received several commendation medals and bravery awards including a Silver Star for his exploits in Laos and Vietnam.christy-walton-with-john-t-walton

His eventful life came to an end in 2005 when he died in an air crash in Jackson, Wyoming. Consequent upon his death, a significant part of his fortune was inherited by Christy Walton, which at that time was estimated at 18.2 billion dollars.christy-walton-family

This sum was narrowed down to around 5 billion dollars by Bloomberg magazine when it transpired that her husband had bequeathed a large portion of his fortune to charity (around 17 billion) and a third to his son.


The inherited fortune was put to good use by Christy. Besides looking after the affairs of Walmart, Arvest Bank and First Solar, she got into charity, animal rights and museum related work. She was instrumental in funding educational causes through Children Scholarship Fund, co founded by her late husband.


She is also on the boards of Natural History Museum, Mingei International Museum and Zoological Society – all in San Diego.0-04-percent-of-net-worth-to-family-foundation

Interestingly, Christy has produced films like Bless Me and Ultima under Tenaja Productions. Along with other members of the Walton family, Christy controls around 120 billion dollars worth of Business Empire making her the tenth richest woman in the world as per Forbes magazine.


As a patron of films, Christy Walton has been felicitated by Imagen Foundation. She had purchased a prize winning ‘Kyrgyz yurt’ from Kyrgyzstan, brought the same to US in 2007, and subsequently donated to charity. Her penchant for philanthropy through various NGO’s, trusts and foundations towards the causes of education and animal welfare make her the highest female philanthropist in the world by a good measure.

Personal lifeChristy Walton with son Lukas

Even though she controls a large financial empire, her personal life has been beset with tragedies. Her son Lucas was diagnosed with cancer, which he recovered later, and her husband died prematurely in an air crash.