20 Most Expensive Dogs in the World 2016

Dog is a man’s best friend. No wonder then that most people love to have dogs as pets. However, if truth be told, buying and caring for a dog is really

an expensive task. In fact, the price factor varies according to the breed of the canine.

Take a look at some of the most expensive dogs in the world.

1. Dogo Argentino – $3,900dogo-argentino-3900

Popularly called the Argentine Mastiff, this dog has a large and muscular body and is known for its strength and bravery as well as its loyalty to the owner/s. The selective breeding has helped in removing all the negative traits and making this a highly sociable dog.

2. Tibetan Mastiff – $3,000tibetan-mastiff-3000

Priced at a whopping $3,000, these dogs are considered to be exceptional watchdogs and can raise hell in the eye of a predator. However, these are also extremely friendly with kids and owners. The average grooming cost for this dog is about $70 per visit.

3. Portuguese Water Dog – $2,500portuguese-water-dog-2500

The cute and fluffy physical traits of this dog efficiently mask it strength, which comes into play when tackling strangers and predators. A very friendly dog, you need to pay $2,500 to purchase it with a grooming cost of $53 per visit.

4. Berger Picard – $2,250berger-picard-2250

This dog which can grow up to a maximum height of 26 inches requires an additional cost of $400 for a grooming session and thus, is quite expensive. This is a purebred dog and is extremely active and highly loyal along with being an owner of varied skills.

5. Old English Bulldog – $2,150old-english-bulldog-2150

With an option to choose from colors like black, white, gray, fawn and brindle, an Old English Bulldog is extremely friendly and at the same time a brave dog known for its protective instincts.

6. French Bulldog – $2,050french-bulldog-2050

This cuddly dog is lazy and not one to watch out for predators. It loves to laze around or just be cuddled. Its grooming sessions and health checkups may cost you an additional $200 per visit, its buying price notwithstanding.

7. Black Russian Terrier – $2,000black-russian-terrier-2000

With an average life span of 10 to 11 years, these cuddly bundles of joy are priced at an exorbitant $2,000 with professional grooming coming up to $105 per visit. Since these dogs tend to contract eye problems and orthopedic disorders quickly, you may have to add in further costs to keep them healthy.

8. Irish Wolfhound – $1,900irish-wolfhound-1900

Priced at $1,900, this hairy canine is extremely friendly and can get easily familiar with all and sundry. However, it has a short life span of about 6 to 8 years and it grooming charges can go up to $65 per session.

9. Golden Retriever – $1,500golden-retriever-1500

Considered to be a perfect dog for a family, a purebred would cost you up to $1,500 with a grooming cost of $56 per session with a professional. With a life span of 13 to 15 years, these dogs tend to fall ill quite easily and can further increase the maintenance costs.

10. Saint Bernard – $1,500saint-bernard-1500

Blessed with a calm and loving temperament, these are perfect family dogs and show dogs. Their grooming fee per session can go as high as $65 and their health expenses is usually what gets them into the list of most expensive dogs.

11. Newfoundland – $1,500newfoundland-1500

12.  Kerry Blue Terrier – $1,500kerry-blue-terrier-1500

 13. Bedlington Terrier – $1,500bedlington-terrier-1500

14. English Bulldog – $1,250english-bulldog-1250

15. German Shepherd – $1,150german-shepherd-1150

16. Samoyed – $1,150samoyed-1150

17. Alaskan Malamute – $1,100alaskan-malamute-1100

18. Great Dane – $1,100great-dane-1100

19. Chow Chow – $900chow-chow-900

20. Bernese Mountain Dog – $900bernese-mountain-dog-900

These are some of the most expensive dogs and sometimes it is their grooming and medical costs that lead to them being so costly. So, if you are thinking of buying one of these, make sure you get your finances right.


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