Many people across the country go to work for the money. They put up with the daily grind because there’s a monthly pay check at the end of it and they have bills to pay. Striving to work in a field you’re passionate about takes a lot more effort but it can be much more rewarding too.

However, along the way to your dream career, you’re likely to experience at least a few people raining on your parade. They talk about things such as “real jobs” and the “real world”, failing to accept that the vision you have is perfectly real, it’s just less conventional than they’re used to.

Ignoring these naysayers is essential if you’re to achieve your goals. Turning your passion into a career often requires huge amounts of resilience, dedication and hard graft. The naysayer’s negativity can really hinder your motivation if you’re not careful.

5 Proven Ways to Ignore Naysayers

With this in mind, here are five proven ways to ignore the naysayers when you’re trying to turn your passion into a career:

1.Make a Plan

Many naysayers criticise our ambitions because they feel they’re too “pie in the sky”. They think we haven’t put any real thought into how we’re going to achieve. In order to reassure yourself that you do have a realistic plan for your career goals, make a list of realistic objectives. Where do you want to be in one year’s time? In five years or in ten? Write your goals down and keep them close. Referring to them regularly will help to keep you motivated and see the areas in which you’ve made progress.

2.Get Experience

One of the best ways to ignore naysayers is by getting on and getting experience in your chosen field. Saying you have a passion for something comes across with much more impact if you’ve secured work, paid or unpaid, to indulge and further that passion. Look online for jobs or voluntary opportunities so you can get real world experience of the career you crave. This could be something that runs alongside your day job until you’re ready to take the leap full time. Any experience you get will look great when applying for jobs related to your passion too.

Get Experience3.Celebrate Your Small Wins
Your ultimate career goal may be a long way off. To prevent yourself from being discouraged, regularly remind yourself of all the small successes you’ve achieved. Being proud of yourself will help your sense of self and your dreams stand up to the negativity of naysayers.

4.Develop Your Own Definition of Success

For some people success is becoming a respected figure within their field. For others it’s earning a certain salary. In order to achieve your own career goals, you need to focus and forget about other people’s (even society as a whole’s) definition of success. For you success might mean doing something you love, regardless of how much it pays. Or it may mean working within a field that few people around you really respect. Develop your own definition of success and judge yourself only by your own standards.

Definition of Success

5.Find Like-Minded People

If you find yourself constantly surrounded by naysayers, it could really be damaging your morale and self-esteem. Find like-minded people through social media groups or websites like Meet Up. This will mean you’re spending at least some of your time with people you don’t have to justify your career choices to.

You spend a serious amount of your adult life at work. Choosing to follow your dreams and pursue a career you’re passionate about makes sense. Happiness and fulfilment await if you can ignore the naysayers and successfully turn your passion into a career.

About the author:

Sienna Walker is a careers and business blogger, deeply interested in how individual people can motivate themselves and grow stronger. Currently supporting Aubiz, Sienna might often be found sharing her tips and strategies with like-minded people online. Feel free to find her on @SiennaWalkerS.