Founding Date: January 1, 1980

Company’s Name :Valero Energy Corporation

Industry: Oil and Gas

Company’s Website:

Valero Energy Corporate Headquarters

Valero Energy is a public Oil and Gas Company with its headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, United States. On using the keywords Valero Energy and searching the Google page, we are directed to a number of page links related to Valero Energy. The first being, its official corporate page with all relevant details from consumers to careers. There is a Wikipedia link, a link to their LinkedIn profile, a link to their Facebook profile besides their subsidiaries pages of careers available in various countries like Europe in with recent stock prices in Bloomsberg Markets and Fortune500 pages with image suggestions.

The Conception of Valero Energy

Valero Energy (VLO) Stock Price

Valero Energy is an international manufacturer of Fortune 500 along with a marketer of power, petrochemicals and transportation fuels. It has 16 refineries worldwide and is in possession of them. It was incorporated in 1890 only as a spinoff of the former Coastal States Gas Corporation. This particular spin off was the largest of its kind as recorded by history in United States of America. LoVaca Gathering Company was a subsidiary firm of Coastal Gas Corporation and their natural gas operations were acquired by the newly formed Valero soon after.

Valero Energy CEO Joe Gorder reviewed

They owe their name to Mision San Antonio de Valero. It started its oil refining operations in 1984 after owning a small oil refinery in Texas only in 1981. Its refinery and retail divisions were turned into a separate company in 1997 with the name Valero Energy intact. It also acquired Basis Petroleum and brought four refineries in Texas and Louisiana under its direct control.

Valero Energy Rallies on Q4 Results

Since then, it participated in a number of important acquisitions and kept expanding its refining business and transporting technicalities. It has long term supply agreements with various international companies worldwide, to which, it supplies fuel. Such locations are around 7400 retail outlets, in totality and all these form under the newly formed CST Brands.

The Operations of Valero Energy

Valero Energy Partners

Valero Energy operates around 16 refineries in countries including Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Caribbean besides 11 ethanol plants and a single wind farm that generates 50 megawatt. Before its recent spin off, it was one of the largest retail operation agent in United States also possessing brand wholesale outlets across Caribbean, United Kingdom, Canada and United States.

Valero Energy operations

It is responsible for retailing gasoline brands under Valero, Shamrock and Diamond Shamrock. It has now focused at being a premium brand from a discounted gasoline brand. It earned a total revenue of US$ 87.804 billion as of the year 2015. Besides, it is headquartered at Texas, United States. It serves the areas of North America and Caribbean, in entirety. It manufactures Fortune 500 on an international level. It also is responsible for marketing and selling petrochemical products, power supplements and systems besides fuels that aid in transportation.

It has also issued its own credit cards labelled with Valero, partnered up by DSRM National Bank to be used efficiently at its stations. It maintains power stations with cornerstones and retails outlets throughout North America and Caribbean.

Important Acquisitions

Valero Energy has recently separated its retail outlet division to form the CST Brands. In 2011, it was responsible for acquiring Pembroke Refinery from Chevron along with marketing and logistics assets. It is even responsible for purchasing eleven fuel terminals and four major pipelines besides a network of Texaco branded wholesales sites in recent times.

Social Causes

Valero donates $570,000 to local charities

It is responsible for paying health care premiums and also provides a health and wellness program to save lives. It pays on regular basis huge donations to United Way and other social activist groups. It has charities that procure benefits for Childcare operating throughout the U.S.

Awards and Recognitions

Valero's list of awards and honors is long and growing every year

An international manufacturer of oil, energy and utilities, it has won several awards and accolades over the ages. It was one of the winners at World Finance Oil & Gas Awards, 2016. It also earned the Thoroughbred Chemical Safety Award from Norfolk Southern Corp and Stars among Stars from OSHA in 2014.

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