Founding Date: July, 1875

Company Name: Toshiba Corporation

Industry: Multinational Conglomerate

Country: Tokyo, Japan.

Company Website:

Toshiba Corporation headquarters building, center, is in Tokyo

Toshiba Corporation, stylized as TOSHIBA is a multinational Japanese company which sells a wide variety of goods and services from information technology, communication to household appliances, medical equipment and logistics. On searching the web with the input of the word Toshiba, one is directed to various page links of Toshiba from its official corporate page of business to business integrated solutions page to Toshiba India’s page or Toshiba Europe’s page. A Wikipedia link is also available with myriad image suggestions of Toshiba products, logos and recent news links.

The Conception of Toshiba

Toshiba founder Shibaura Seisaku-sho

Toshiba came into being as Shibaura Seisaku-sho in 1875 and through a merger with Tokyo Denki, which was founded in 1890, it turned out to be the Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K in 1938. Throughout the course of its history, it made myriad significant acquisitions including Semp, Westinghouse Electric LLC, Landis+Gyr and IBM’s point of sale. Presently, it ranks as the seventh largest semiconductor manufacturer worldwide.

Toshiba innovations

Besides, it is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as a constituent of Nagoya Stock Exchange, Osaka Securities Exchange, Nikkei 225 and TOPIX indices. Its range of products and services falls into four broad groups, namely, the Digital Products Group, the Electronic Devices Group, the Home Appliances Group and the Social Infrastructure Groups. It was one of the first manufacturers of telegraph equipment. The merger company was soon nicknamed Toshiba but it was only in 1978 when the name was changed to Toshiba Corporation.

Toshiba International Corporation

Its significance is pivotal as it is responsible for many firsts of Japan, namely, in radar, color video phone, transistor television and microwave oven, Japanese word processor, MRI system, laptop personal computer, NAND EEPROM,DVD, Libretto sub-notebook personal computer and the TAC digital computer.

Operations of Toshiba Corporation

Toshiba Corporation operations

Toshiba Corporation is accountable for a diverse range of products and services from medical equipment, office equipment, logistics, lighting, household appliances, consumer electronics, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems, electronic components and materials, information technology and communication equipment and systems.


It has expanded thoroughly helped by organic growth and a number of prime acquisitions. It has purchased heavy engineering firms and primary industry firms in the 1950s. It created a number of groups throughout its history, namely, Toshiba Music Industries, Toshiba International Corporation, Toshiba Electrical Equipment, Toshiba Chemical, Toshiba Lighting and Technology, Toshiba America Information Systems and Toshiba Carrier Corporation.

toshiba Solutions for Social and Industrial Infrastructure

It has a number of subsidiaries operating alongside, which include, Toshiba TEC Corporation, Toshiba Logistics Corporation, Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation, Landis+Gyr AG, Westinghouse Electric Co., SIGMA POWER Yamaguchi Corporation, Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corporation, Cartoon Pizza, Japan Display, Anima Studios, Toshiba Machine Co. Ltd, Unison Co. Ltd and many others.  Along with its subsidiaries and shareholders, Toshiba Group is formed.

It acquired OCZ Storage Solutions in 2014. Headquartered at Minato-ku, Tokyo in Japan, Toshiba Corporation had total revenues of ¥6,100.3 billion as of 31 March, 2012. 45 percent of their sales took place in Japan, while the remaining 55 percent was a turnout across the world.

Important Acquisitions

It had acquired the Brazilian Company Semp in 1977 followed by Westinghouse Electric LLC in 2006, Landis+Gyr in 2011 and IBM’s point of sale in 2012. It also acquired the OCZ Storage Solutions in 2014. It plans on making its chip division a separate business, as reported of 2017.

Awards and Recognition

Toshiba's Latest Products Earn Better Buys Q3 2016

Toshiba won the Better Buys- Q3 2016 Editor’s Choice Award and Buyers Laboratory’s “Highly Recommended” Award in 2016 besides Gold Winner Enterprise Service of the Year, The American Business Awards (Silver Stevie and Bronze Stevie) in 2015. It also won Buyers Laboratory’s Award for Energy Efficiency in 2014 besides Highly Recommended Award and Best in Biz Gold Winner Most Innovative Product of the Year Award.

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