Are you the kind who cuddles up in your cozy home holding a hot cup of coffee this winter or one who wants to go out there and blend in with nature this winter? Nature gives us some of the best gifts during the winter season that last for a lifetime. Check out 4 great places to visit this winter either alone, with friends or family. We are sure that these getaways will remain etched in your memory forever. Go visit one this winter!

1. Reindeer Safari, Finland

Reindeer Safari, Finland

Lapland, also known as the home of Santa Claus, is the northern most part of Finland where you get to visit Santa in his office and send letter with an Arctic Circle stamp from the post office. The landscape is so scenic, that you feel like a character out of Polar Express.But the reindeer safari stands out above all else, in which you can visit reindeer farms, ride a sleigh pulled by one and even earn a reindeer driving license!

2. Montréal en Lumière, Canada

Montreal en Lumiere, Canada

Claimed to be one of the biggest winter festivals in the world, fly to Canada in the month of February and get ready to be overwhelmed by performing arts, food, outdoor activities and other insane material!

3. Train Ride Into the Canadian Rockies, Vancouver to Calgary

Canadian Rockies

Considered one of the most magical train rides ever, watch a landscape that is fantastical from your window while you clink your wine glass with fellow passengers. We wonder if you even want to blink your eyes for a second and miss a breathtaking scenery!

4. Monarch Butterfly Migration, Mexico


Every autumn, millions of monarch butterflies travel 3000 miles from the USA to the mountains of Central Mexico, their wintering grounds. Watch this amazing spectacle this year and live to tell those memories!