This list may not change for a long time from now, as this collection brings in all the greatest singers who created history with their diligence and perseverance.

Michael Joseph Jackson (Michael Jackson):

Michael Jackson Biography“Michael Jackson – Singer-songwriter”

No doubt in saying that Michael Jackson is the best singer in the world ever.From a very young age he has developed keen interest in singing and dancing, as his family was into singing. The kind of success and fame he achieved through his hard work, made him rule the hearts of millions across the world. He is the King of pop music, but was brilliant in any genre. He is not just a singer but a fantastic dancer too. His signature moonwalk made him the best dancer of all time.

Freddie Mercury:

Freddie Mercurys” Freddie Mercury –  British Singer, Songwriter & Producer”

He is a sweet heart, and he is the greatest vocalist, musician and singer of all time. To keep it short he is a super star, with unique voice, which no one could ever imitate. What makes him so special is the all-round performance in songs like “The show must go on” and “Who wants to live forever”.

Elvis Aaron Presley (Elvis Presley) :

Elvis Aaron Presley“Elvis Presley – American Singer & Actor”

Name is just enough and nothing else. Elvis was a singing Superstar, and his voice was envy to most of the great singers. He just pulled off any kind of song in any genre. He created music of today, in those days. As he called himself “KING” and other did so and probably the only king in the music world. With his great signature moves, looks, and music he created quite a sensation and made thousands of women run behind him going crazy about him.

Robert Anthony Plant (Robert Plant) :

Robert Anthony Plant“Robert Plant –  English Musician, Singer & Songwriter”

Robert Plant was not just rock star, and much more than a good screamer. He sang the song from his heart and dedicated his soul to that moment. He was a true artist and a legend. As lead singer in the band Led Zeppelin, he reached very high notes and synchronized his voice with the music so well, with outrageous vocals. Even though he couldn’t play guitar and dance on the stage, he could create wonders with his voice and could be easily chosen as the best singer of all time.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston (Whitney Houston) :

Whitney Elizabeth Houston” Whitney Houston – American Singer & Actress “

The clear and powerful voice is no match to any singer. No professional singer could sing like Whitney, when it comes to vocals, as she has some powerful vocals. Anyone could easily say that they are listening to the world best singer, after listening to her version of “I always love you”. She has that angelic tone quality combined with powerful resonance and unbelievable vocal runs.

Sir James Paul McCartney (Paul McCartney) :

Paul McCartney” Paul McCartney – English Singer & Songwriter”

Paul McCartney is undoubtedly the most versatile vocalist of all time. His incredible vocal range, and amazing variety of tones, varied vibrato techniques, attitude and projections, grit, sweetness, energy, growl, power and dexterity. From Baby’s Request to Coming Up, Mother Nature’s Son to Helter Skelter, And I Love Her to I Saw Her Standing There, Call Me Back Again to Warm and Beautiful, and so on. This man is a legend of all time who can ROCK, POP, R&B, CROON, FOLK.

John Winston Ono Lennon (John Lennon) :

John Winston Ono Lennon“John Lennon – English Singer & Songwriter”

No doubt this guy is the best all time singer of all time. No words to describe, he voice is magical and heavenly. Not just his voice, but he is great as a human being. He has created legendary songs when he was associated with Beatles and also with Yoko. He left behind his legacy and influence on millions of fans who looked for emotion and unique priceless voice.

Francis AlbertFrankSinatra (Frank Sinatra) :

Francis Albert "Frank" Sinatra” Frank Sinatra –  American Jazz & Traditional Pop Singer”

He was an American traditional pop singer, artist, actor and producer all rolled into one. He was the most influential musical artist of the 20th century, and has sold more than 150 million records across the world. Although he released his first album in 1946 “The voice of Frank Sintara”, his real success was in 1953 “From here to eternity”.

Stephen Ray “Steve” Perry (Steve Perry) :

Stephen Ray "Steve" Perry” Steve Perry – American Singer, Songwriter & Record Producer”

Steve Perry is the only singer who can emote wonderful feelings, with great quality voice and range. His high notes in Mother-Father, Lay-it-down, and Sweet and Simple make you cry for sure. He is master in range of styles like hard rock, blues, jazz, pop, classic rock and ballads and probably the best all-round singer of all time.

Madonna Louise Ciccone (Madonna) :

Madonna Louise Ciccone“Madonna – American Singer, Songwriter & Actress”

Madonna is amazing, she has been inspiration to many singers. She is good at performance and entertaining the crowd with her fantastic singing talent. In spite of all the criticism she faced, her performances made her bigger than her counterparts. Her attitude and the vibe that she carried made her a legendary singer of all time.