A calculator is an electronic computing device that helps us to solve standard and rarified arithmetic problems.

The calculators are generally equipped to solve basic computation problems but scientific calculators are also available which help users with trigonometric and statistical computations. Here is a list of twenty most expensive calculators.

1. Grillet Portable Calculator

Grillet Portable CalculatorGrillet Portable Calculator happens to be the first portable calculator we witnessed after it was manufactured sometime in the 17th century. Priced at $155,000 this is extremely lightweight and small in shape. It was made by Maker Parisian and borrows its capacity from Napier Logarithms and solves complicated divisions too.

2. Hewlett Packard 9100

Hewlett Packard 9100Introduced by the Hewlett Packard Group as a full-fledged desktop calculator, it was introduced into the market in 1968 with its price fixed at $4900. It falls into the category of scientific calculators, especially suited to solve a multitude of engineering and scientific problems and computerized algebraic equations as well.

3. Wolfram Mathematica 9

Wolfram Mathematica 9 Expensive CalculatorsLaunched in 1988 by the Wolfram Research, this scientific calculator functions as a virtual computer and is available for single purposes and enterprise, the former priced at $2495 and the latter priced at $6995. Based on a specialized computer program, it’s best in quality in comparison to other graphic calculators.

4. HP 32SII Scientific Calculator

HP 32SII Scientific CalculatorWith a memory of 384 bytes and capacity to solve more than 200 scientific and mathematic              problems, this unique model which has restricted supply now being first introduced in 1991 is       priced at $700. It was a very utile and functional device though its usage was hampered in year 2002.

5. HP 19BII Financial Calculator

HP 19BII Financial CalculatorIntroduced in 1990 by Hewlett Packard Group, this is referred to as a financial calculator with 450 functions integrated into the calculator. The needs are statistical and scientific in nature. Being extremely user-friendly to handle, the screen can accommodate 23 characters per line having 4 separate lines priced at $299.

6. Texas Instruments TI 86

Texas Instruments TI 86 Expensive CalculatorsInitially introduced into the market in 1997, the circulation stopped in 2004. It was capable of processing lower case and Greek alphabets, had a LCD screen with contrast and a 128kb RAM along with 256 KB of ROM that facilitated smooth computation of scientific and engineering problems, priced at $299.

7. Victor 1460-3

victor 1460-3 Expensive CalculatorsPriced at $294, this calculator is a desktop calculator which flags a florescent display screen to users. A third generation 12 digit calculator that is no longer in circulation but was manufactured for commercial usage, generally and it has been replaced by fourth generation calculators of the same manufacturing company.

8. Texas Instrument Voyage 200

Texas Instrument Voyage 200

Priced at $279, this calculator works like an advanced computer system and is preferred because it is equipped with a QWERTY keypad. It’s powerful in terms of its capacity as its worthy of supporting 3D Graphics and plotting besides possessing a 4MB memory and an additional 256 KB of RAM.

9. Casio FX CG20 Limited Edition

Casio FX CG20 Limited EditionPriced at $249, this calculator of Casio allows users to solve more than 2900 mathematic and scientific programs and possesses around 55 color graphic resolutions. It can be used to transfer data to computers and other devices. Its screen has high resolution and contrast and facilitates advanced working to users.

10. Texas Instruments TI-92 Plus

Texas Instruments TI-92 PlusPriced at $210, this calculator has a flash memory of 384KB with a RAM of 188 KB. It has a high resolution display screen, supports 3D Graphics and also flashes a QWERTY keyboard easy to use but this version was discontinued 2004 onwards and new versions have come into being.

Calculators are generally cost effective and lightweight. But as we have seen from the list, calculators are also desktop type and heavy. Recently introduced models of calculators have display screen of high resolutions and support 3D Graphics. They allow us to function more smoothly by performing around 3000 mathematical applications.

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