Timothy Donald ‘Tim’ Cook is Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc. Tim Cook was previously etched in Apple Inc.’s history as the company’s chief operating officer, under the supervision of then CEO and founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs.

As Tim took Apple’s control following the death of Founder and CEO of Apply, Steve Jobs, the Apple Board of Directors granted him $378 million worth stocks which also led to a rise of Tim’s net worth to $400 million.

Early Life of CEO and Founder of Apple

tim-cook-childhood-pituresBorn on November 1, 1960, to Donald and Geraldine as a middle child, Tim Cook was baptized in a Baptist church in Mobile, Alabama, United States. Tim’s childhood was spent in Robertsdale, Alabama. His dad was a shipyard worker and his mother worked at a pharmacy apart from doing all home maker’s chores. Tim was bright student ever since his school days and finished second from his Robertsdale High School, in the year 1978.


In 1982, Tim graduated from Auburn University, Alabama with a degree in industrial engineering. As he graduated from Fuqua School of Business in 1988, he earned his degree of Masters in Business Administration along with the honorary title of Fuqua Scholar.tim-cooks-childhood-in-alabama

Career Growth of Tim Cook


A fresh graduate, Tim joined IBM and worked with them for the tenure of 12 years. His position at IBM had a varied spectrum that included Director of North American Fulfillment, Chief operating officer of the PC reseller Division of Intelligent Electronics and Vice President for corporate materials at Compaq.


Upon persuaded by Steve Jobs to join Apple, Tim intuitively followed his own decision and exited Compaq to join Apple in the year of 1998. This association turned out to be a silver lining not for just Cook’s future but also a miracle which saved Apple from entering into a bleak era without profits. Tim managed the sales and the worldwide market of Apple, and delivered the company from minimum profit gains to sky scraping success stories. Tim’s suggestion of advanced investment in the flash memory led to future successful ventures of iPod Nano, iPhone and iPad.


Tim got promoted to Chief Operative Officer and served the role of interim CEO while Job was away on the medical leave in the span of January 2007 to January 2011. As described by Yukari Iwatani Kane, who was working on a book on Apple, Tim shared the visions of Apple’s success venture with Jobs and they agreed upon the quality of product and services offered by Apple – nothing is acceptable sans ultimate perfection.


Under Tim’s supervision, Apple bought Beats Music and Beats Electronics, in May 2014. This is the biggest purchase of Apple costing $3 billion. Tim explains this acquisition as a step towards expanded horizons of Apple to bring the best for the customers as Beats Music and Beats Electronics, the contemporary fast growing businesses, would add up to Apple’s clearer vision of perfection.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference, Tim broadcasted latest Apple operating system, OSX Yosemite in June 2014. 2014 witnessed the release of iPhone6 and iPhone 6 plus with brand new features of Burst Selfies and Apple Pay. Being inclined towards fitness regimes personally, Tim brought the fitness and health tracker, the “Apple watch” out into the world.

Achievements and Awards of a CEO

In April 2012, Tim was listed among Time’s annual ‘100 Most Influential People in the world.  Apple increased donations to charity and has focused on development of renewable energy strategies, under the efficient and headstrong leadership of Tim.

Personal Life of Tim

Tim Cook Completes 5 Years As Apple CEO

Tim loves to live his life in a way that doesn’t allow the media reporters to breach and in dismantle the balance. He is a solitary person who enjoys his time being involved in varied fitness associated programs of cycling, hiking and the usual gym visits. In his commencement speech at Auburn University, in the year of 2010, Tim emphasized on trusting one’s intuition while arriving at any important decision.


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