A tornado is a natural phenomenon that is synonymous with destruction and havoc everywhere. A tornado is something that people are usually afraid of and it is something that we all

hate. However, what if I say that it is the tornado inside you that is responsible for your success and for everything, you would ever want to achieve? What if I say that you need a tornado inside you to reach the heights of expertise you always wanted to?


Yes, all we need is a tornado. It is a thing that occurs when the wind goes circular in clockwise or anticlockwise direction and then, it goes on and on and on! The wind is the hard work and the perseverance in you. You need to go on and on and on until you reach the heights of expertise you want to!go on and on and on until you reach the heights of expertise

A tornado is another name for destruction; but why? That is because it breaks and tears apart everything that comes in its way. Just like that, you need to have the courage and the commitment to tear everything apart that acts as an obstacle to your final destination. You need to be fearless and brave to go where you want! There is no stopping once you start, or you would fall down and everything would just seem powerless now. The base is the strongest part.

You need to get the basics right of everything you need to, whether it is cooking a food item or photographing the moon or building a rocket. If your basics were not right, it would eventually fall off. However, if they are solid enough, there is nothing that can pull you down! You need to start firm and strong, stop not until your goal is achieved and reach the level you always dreamt of!your goal is achieved and reach the level you always dreamt

What is there to be afraid? You have the strength; you have the expertise! Just take a step and spin around. You would see the world differently and there is nothing that would seem difficult or impossible when you have the right direction and the right amount of perseverance!

Why be afraid when you are the wind and you are the tornado? Why be afraid when your spin can create the magic of wonders and make you achieve what you always dreamt of? Therefore, go ahead, unleash your potential to reach the sky of success, let the world see your unbreakable determination, let the obstacles beware of you because of your preparation and self-confidence! So, step up, spin the body of hard work and just let the magic of hard work come and grasp everything wonderful and throw out whatever that stops you from going to your goal! stops-you-from-going-to-your-goal

You are the tornado; you are the power!

Author Bio :

Harsh Thakkar : Writer, photographer, and occasional sketch artist full of optimism and exuberance. Bollywood music runs through my blood. Football freak and evertime curious! Introvert, and always on the move!

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