Biography of a American Businessman Jared Corey Kushner

A 35 year old young American businessman, the cardinal owner of real...

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70+ Popular Happiness Quotes & Sayings

Happy Quotes about Life A happy life is one spent in learning,...

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Quotes by Former United States Senator Henry Clay

Find here the best quotes and Sayings by the popular Politician and...

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Fracas for Tomorrow {23/9/19}


Fighting to forget yesterday

Struggling to survive for tomorrow

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35 Quotes in the Important Confidence Plays in Our Success

Time and again, I find that self-esteem and confidence are lacking in...

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Muhammad Ali - American Professional Boxer

Muhammad Ali, the name needs no introduction. Muhammad Ali was one of the legendary boxers who won 3 times World Heavyweight Championship. He was only one who made this world

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Trials and Temptation - Inspiration Quote

We Often come across pain and such pain could make us act in a negative way.  But we always fail to look within the pain and see beyond the temptation. Trials

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Famous Quotes to Inspire Positive Change

Change, One face in their life for sure. The change is more important for each and every individual to walk along with the time and to run with the mind which

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65 Most Popular Success Quotes

Famous Success Quotes for Women

Being a woman can be tough, especially if you are trying to make it big in the so-called man’s world. Don’t let eh challenges and tribulations

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8 Reasons for Being Proud of Yourself

Are you self-satisfied? Being proud of yourself is not boasting about your achievements; it's about improving self-esteem and self-worth in order to build good relations with other people.

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Frank James Lampard -Professional Footballer Story

Frank James Lampard is a well known English professional footballer, who last played as a midfielder for New York city FC in Major League Soccer. He has been an all-time leading

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Redefining Success and Accomplishments

When we think about what we are proud of, and what we...

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It’s not about Winning: Inspiration comes from the Fight

There are times in our lives when we will work hard to accomplish something or reach a goal. No one wants the outcome to be one that ends negatively or in

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Failure and the Right to Create: Why I Failed as a Teen Novelist

Although I was given the time, ability, and resources to write, I have, in the end, not written.

Before I go much farther: I haven’t given up on my ideas. But,

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Michael Phelps - Career with 23 Gold Medals and 28 Overall

Michael Phelps, a world renowned swimmer who has won the record breaking 28 Olympic medals along with 23 gold medals in his international swimming career. During his swimming career, he owns

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