Felicity - Poetry of the day


Sweet like the flower cool like the air

A fragile heart easy to enter

But difficult to understand

Attention is its greatest priority

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70+ Popular Happiness Quotes & Sayings

Happy Quotes about Life A happy life is one spent in learning,...

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What Happens in the Brain When We Laugh?

Did you hear the one about the young engineer fresh out of...

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Marilyn Monroe Quotes on Love & Relationship

marilyn-monroe-quotes We are featuring the best quotes of Marilyn Monroe on Love. Check out the words and opinion of Marilyn Monroe on Love and relationship. She had very less priority in life

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Best Thanksgiving Day - Quotes & Messages

You never what will happen tomorrow in your life, you never know how your tomorrow will so be Thankful for all the things you have, for all you got blessed with.

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20 Awesome Love Quotes & Sayings

No Words to express a  Beautiful thing, fabulous feel, unforgettable emotion. One may not able to convey their real feelings to the loved once. It may take years for one to

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Beautiful Smile Quotes & Sayings

Smile, Which can introduce you to the unknown not even uttering a single word. A smile doesn't have the boundaries of language, religion or nationality, It's a well-known feel which everyone

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Trials and Temptation - Inspiration Quote

We Often come across pain and such pain could make us act in a negative way.  But we always fail to look within the pain and see beyond the temptation. Trials

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It’s not about Winning: Inspiration comes from the Fight

There are times in our lives when we will work hard to accomplish something or reach a goal. No one wants the outcome to be one that ends negatively or in

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The Power of Shifting Your Perspective

Have you ever taken a long drive with someone? A car has a way of becoming confessional. It becomes easier to open up like the road ahead of you. One such

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6 Insightful Tips on Making Effective Business Decisions!

It is the duty of a leader to make efficient business decisions....

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Ever Since - Heart Touching Poetry


Ever since he walked into her life

He got changed,

She became his new life

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Dark Female - Poetry of the Day


They seek after present satisfaction

And become blind to future ambition

They live in fantasy

And become blind to reality.

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Comedy - Am a Product of Joy Poetry of the Day

Comedy – Am a Product of Joy Poetry of the Day

I am foolish and crazy

I make happy happier

Am a product of joy

Bring life to the sad

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Your World - Great Poetry of the Day

Your World - Great Poetry

After all the Hi’s and Hello’s every time you saw me,

And all the smiles and glances you’ve traded me for free.

On that strange thirteenth day of November, I said yes.

And all the blind stars in the sky sparkled brightest.

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Ask for Forgiveness Quotes & Sayings of 2016

forgiveness-quotes-sayings-words One will never do the mistakes intentionally and those who did the mistake without knowing should be forgiven. Before you refuse to forgive just think that you can expect the forgiveness

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