70+ Popular Happiness Quotes & Sayings

Happy Quotes about Life A happy life is one spent in learning,...

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What Happens in the Brain When We Laugh?

Did you hear the one about the young engineer fresh out of...

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20 Awesome Love Quotes & Sayings

No Words to express a  Beautiful thing, fabulous feel, unforgettable emotion. One may not able to convey their real feelings to the loved once. It may take years for one to

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Trials and Temptation - Inspiration Quote

We Often come across pain and such pain could make us act in a negative way.  But we always fail to look within the pain and see beyond the temptation. Trials

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65 Most Popular Success Quotes

Famous Success Quotes for Women

Being a woman can be tough, especially if you are trying to make it big in the so-called man’s world. Don’t let eh challenges and tribulations

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Dark Female - Poetry of the Day


They seek after present satisfaction

And become blind to future ambition

They live in fantasy

And become blind to reality.

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Comedy - Am a Product of Joy Poetry of the Day

Comedy – Am a Product of Joy Poetry of the Day

I am foolish and crazy

I make happy happier

Am a product of joy

Bring life to the sad

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