Biography of a American Businessman Jared Corey Kushner

A 35 year old young American businessman, the cardinal owner of real...

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SAP SE - Best Software Company Story

Founding Date: Year 1972 Company Name: Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung; Systems/ Applications & Products...

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Youngest CEO of Popular Social Mediam Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

The spread of social media over the last few years owes a lot to the phenomenon called Facebook. The portal built by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends inside a dormitory room

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Luxury Vehicles Company Jaguar Multinational Cars

Founding Date:  4th September, 1922 Company Name: Jaguar Cars Industry: Automotive Country:...

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Martin Scorsese - American Actor and Producer

Martin Marcantonio Luciano Scorsese the renowned actor, screenwriter, producer, director and film historian. He is also known for his brilliant, bold as well as innovative and excellence work for American

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66 Famous Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Quotes

Abdul Kalam Quotes on Dreams

A People’s President & a man who never feared to dream, Dr. Professor Abdul Kalam was and will be one of the pivots in shaping dreams

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Fracas for Tomorrow {23/9/19}


Fighting to forget yesterday

Struggling to survive for tomorrow

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Muhammad Ali - American Professional Boxer

Muhammad Ali, the name needs no introduction. Muhammad Ali was one of the legendary boxers who won 3 times World Heavyweight Championship. He was only one who made this world

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Unlawful Gathering - Today's Poem


They gather together

Making people problems theirs

They chant at the top of their voice

Destroying and analyzing people's life.

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Beautiful Smile Quotes & Sayings

Smile, Which can introduce you to the unknown not even uttering a single word. A smile doesn't have the boundaries of language, religion or nationality, It's a well-known feel which everyone

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Chevrolet - Automobile Company

Founding Date: November 3rd, 1911 Company Name: Chevrolet Industry: Automotive Country: Detroit,...

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6 Signs this is a Job of your Dreams

Every person wants to have a job where they can feel comfortable,...

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Famous Telecommunications Company Verizon Communications, Inc

Founding Date: 7th October, 1983 Company Name: Verizon Communications Industry: Telecommunication Country: New York, USA

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Michael Phelps - Career with 23 Gold Medals and 28 Overall

Michael Phelps, a world renowned swimmer who has won the record breaking 28 Olympic medals along with 23 gold medals in his international swimming career. During his swimming career, he owns

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Ben Stiller - Successful Talents in Hollywood

Benjamin Edward Meara, a versatile American actor. He is also comedian, screen writer, director and filmmaker.  He is renowned as Ben Stiller. He is not only a comedian but also a

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Biography of a Popular American Politician Paul Davis Ryan

Having represented Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District since 1999, Paul Davis Ryan is...

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