Life being a student in college is hard enough. Now try adding in an element of trying to start your own business and become an entrepreneur and that’s a whole different ballgame.

If you’ve already started this venture, you’ll be well aware of the sleepless night, the mad rush to get your assignments done on time and hardly any playtime.

Some of you may be thinking that this is just not possible but consider Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Entrepreneurs in college and now look where they are. However, you don’t want to risk burning out as it will ruin your education and your business.

Today, we’ll explore several ways that you can maintain the balance while still getting everything done.

Order Your PrioritiesOrder Your Priorities

First, and probably most importantly, create a list of priorities and work through them. This is by far the best and easiest way to stay organised. Whether you create a list at the beginning of each week or the beginning of each day, do whatever works well for you.

In these lists, you’ll want to write down everything that you want to achieve. You can’t place college as your priority one day and then your business as your priority on another. Of course, the certain tasks may be a different priority, but both school and your business need to be equally your main concern.

You can also use professional online resources, such as Via Writing, where you can learn how to create priority lists properly and most effectively.

Develop a ScheduleDevelop a Schedule

One of the best ways to get organised and stay organised is creating a schedule or a timetable to work from. This could be a weekly schedule or even daily, it depends on what works best for you.

Ana Faust, a college student, currently starting her own business while working for Academized, explains, “Developing a schedule was one of the most important first steps I took. When you realise how much brain power you can save but not having to try and remember everything all day, every day, you suddenly become so much more productive.”

An example of a daily schedule could be;

7am – Wake up and have breakfast, shower etc.

8-9am – Business work (such as answering emails, developing website)

9-12pm – College

12-1pm – Lunchbreak (Answering emails)

1-4pm – College

4-6pm – Socialise

6-8 – College work

8-10pm – Business work

10pm-7am – Sleep

This is just an example, and you can obviously change it to suit what best works for you. Some days you may have a day where you need to scrap the schedule because you have a piece of college work that needs to be completed or a social event but don’t let that ruin your motivation and return to your schedule as soon as you can.

Take Classes Relating to Your BusinessTake Clasess to realting to Business

No matter what college you go, the chances are that there is a variety of extracurricular activities and classes you can take. Why not look into whether or not there’s some that relate to your business. There could be a web design class or even a marketing class.

Any of these could be perfect for enhancing your business skills and teaching you something you don’t know. Your business idea may even be able to become a college project, potentially earning you extra credit at the end of the term.

You never know what you might learn, whether it’s learning out to cite it in correctly to your emails, check the length of your business content with Easywordcount and how it affects your website’s SEO ranking or even Stateofwriting can help you how to use grammar properly, these are all skills that will benefit you and your business.

Learn to Delegate

No matter what business you’re in, you can’t-do everything by yourself, and if you try, it’s not going to work, especially with mounting college work. While in college, you need to learn how to build a team and how to delegate your tasks to those teams, even if you’re using freelancers.

Robin Varnell, a college entrepreneur and writer for Paper Fellows, continues, “When I was starting my business in college, there was not really anybody in my friend group that had to the drive to succeed. However, using social media, I was able to put together a team of people who used my business in their project. My team included website coders and graphic designers whom I had to manage.”

Find the Social BalanceFind the Social Balance

It’s so tempting, especially when you’ve stumbled onto a good business idea, to lock yourself away to work continuously. However, it’s important for your only mental health and to minimise the risk of burning out that you go out and socialise.

It doesn’t even have to be with other people. Even if you’re just going for a walk around the campus, go out and get some fresh air so you can breathe a little bit of fresh air to wake up your brain. If you’re doing something you enjoy, that doesn’t mean that you’re wasting your time, even if you enjoy doing nothing.

Michael Baily, a business writer for UK Writings, share his experience, “Being social is part of who we are, even down to a genetic level. It’s important that every once in a while, we switch off our computers, get outside and actually enjoy our college years and the world and the people around us.”

Use the College ResourcesUse the College Resources

Never again in your entire life will have a network of resources as great as your college’s unless you’ve completed investing in it and are having to pay for it. Use this to your advantage. Whether you’re talking to lecturers and professors who excel in what they teach or the entire computer system, you can boost your business using these resources.

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