Founding Date: Year 1972

Company Name: Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung; Systems/ Applications & Products   in Data Processing- SAP SE

Industry: Enterprise Software

Country: Walldorf, Germany

Company Website:

A leading software enterprise SAP SE is a brain child of five engineers who had a vision of new world technology in the year 1972.

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The conception of SAP SE

SAP SE- founders of the company

Five German entrepreneurs cum engineers had one common vision, to develop a standard software application for real-time data analysis and processing and led to the foundation of SAP SE Company. These five German engineers, Dietmar Hopp, Klaus Tschira, Hans-Werner Hector, Hasso Plattner, and Claus Wellenreuther, were all former engineers in of IBM.SAP founders in 1988

Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) was their first client for whom they developed programs and applications for the purpose of managing their company’s payroll and also their accounting system.Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) was their first client to the SAP SE

The initial products developed by SAP SE can be seen with a ‘R’ sign which stands for Real time as SAP SE boasted about the fact that they were the pioneers of application and software that was different from the ones developed by that time software industry mammoths like IBM in a way that they developed programs which stored all the processed data in the local address in the system instead of the mechanical punch card storage policies as followed by IBM.

Operation of SAP SE

SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)

The programs and platforms developed by SAP SE has a tremendous mark on the future of technology advancement as they have opened a new window for the society- both business oriented and private lives. In the initial years after its foundation, SAP SE developed and launched in the market programs like SAP R/98 and SAP R/2. These programs ensured the much needed commodity being delivered to the clients which was better known as data management, and included all the cumbersome processes the companies had to go through when they had to manage and feed in bulk data. The ideology of database development is thought to be an idea offered by SAP SE. From public limited states to becoming an European company, SAP SE has walked a long way from 2005 to 2014 and is still going on strong

Important Acquisitions

SAP and Lenovo Plan to Bring Advanced Solutions

As the wheel of time moved, future of SAP SE grew beautiful and bright with the continuous scale of rising market acquisitions alongside the increasing market for SAP SE innovative software and applications. Some of the important acquisitions of SAP SE in the last 44 years along with the year of acquisition are Altiscale (2016), MeLLmo Inc. (Roambi) (2016), Concur technologies (2014), Ariba (2012), SuccessFactors (2011), Sybase (2010), SAF (2009), TechniData (2010), Business Objects (2007), Outlooksoft (2007), Toptier (2001), and Campbell software (1999), to name a few among the 61 companies that are listed on the acquisition list of SAP SE.SAP and Microsoft usher in new era of partnership

Social Causes

A company with high valuations and profit needs to have higher principles and policies to ensure the success of the company. SAP SE abides by this theory and has constantly been part of various philanthropic programs which include their contributions to the fund of organizations and programs supporting global health betterment such as the Global fund. Another socially impactful policy has been appointment of Autistic employees and as per the recent reports, SAP SE aims at building a workspace which boasts of atleast 1% of the workforce who are autistic employees.

Awards and Recognitions

With advanced network of customers spread in more than 190 countries, SAP SE is a crucial component of many lists and entitlements which includes the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.