Proud stories is a web based platform that brings people with instigating profiles and stories closer to their admirers or followers . This web based platform provides with a very well know sector based economic, democratic and communal growth of people. These people can be both from the sector of famous hood or from the common group that forms a large group of caterers to a team. Proud stories are a web based platform that very haughtily the insightful information of a very struggling person who has now reached heights. They focus on the early struggling stages of successful people. In here, they completely avoid the fun, frolic and the modern phase of their success wherein they are almost submerged in the money that success bought them. But, this site focuses on their early documentary of struggling time in where they had to fight tooth and nail to be where they are now.  It focuses on how appropriately these people got them out of each puzzle and mystery that surrounds them.

Thus this website has most definitely got a privacy policy. A privacy policy is a statement or declaration wherein people accommodate and address their feeling which they think other people should not be aware about. A privacy policy most importantly states the relationship between the customer and seller, that is, the relationship between the people providing the information and the people publishing it. According to the privacy policy there is supposed to be a fine line of decency in where the worshippers should not have the access to enter. The people providing with their encouraging stories like to keep a fine line between their personal life, social life and most importantly their professional life. No person has the right to go against the policy if signed by both parties.