Founding Date: August 28, 1898

Company Name: PepsiCo, Inc.

Industry: Beverages/ Food Processing

Country: Purchase, New York, U.S

Company Website:

Co-Founder of PepsiCoFormerly known as Pepsi-Cola, when it started as one-man company, PepsiCo is currently one of ruling giant in the American as well as world markets of beverages, snacks and food materials like Quaker Oats. According to the records, PepsiCo and it’s subordinate brands generated retail sales worth more than $1 million per product, and expanded the customer base to more than 200 countries in the world, leading to the net revenue collection of at least $43.3 billion.Co-Founder of PepsiCo of all time

These numbers of net revenue value are supporting data of the fact that PepsiCo is the second largest food and beverage business in the world. A quick search on Google will provide links of PepsiCo official website, their official page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and their official channel on YouTube along with The Forbes website page on PepsiCo.

The Conception of PepsiCo

PepsiCo, Inc. (PEP) CEO Indra Nooyi

The story of PepsiCo starts with special soft drink called Pepsi by a US based pharmacist and industrialist, Caleb Bradham. Initially, Caleb termed his soft drink as Pepsi-Cola in the year 1898. With the gradual advent of the soft drink business, in the year 1902, Caleb started his own beverage company, Pepsi Cola and to protect the business from any issues of legal suits regarding the recipe in the future times of the company, Caleb patented his own recipe of Pepsi in the following year, 1903.

The initial success story got blown away in the coming years of the business and few years on, the company suffered economic crisis which led on to the Pepsi Cola company undertaken by Loft, Incorporated in the year 1931. The scale of progress looked better post these difficult times as the market of Pepsi Cola expanded gradually with a swifter rate. 30 years down the line, in the year 1965, Pepsi Cola merged with a food industry, Frito-Lay and the merged body was renamed to be recognized as today’s PepsiCo, Inc.

Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi is the current chief executive officer (CEO) as well as chairperson of PepsiCo, Inc.

Operations of PepsiCo

Pepsico Products

PepsiCo, Inc, is a versatile food and beverages company $62.7 billion sales scale.This also explains the wide domain of packaging, marketing and selling under different product specific logo such as Fritos, Cheetos, Lay’s, 7up, Tropicana, etc, to name a few among the 22 other brands of PepsiCo.

Important Acquisitions

Pepsi 'future proofs' brand as it increases focus

PepsiCo followed the divestment policy which ensured the expansion of their business from single type of food and beverage to spread onto a wide range of snacks, food and beverages. For example, in the year 1998, PepsiCo bought the company named Tropicana Products. This was just a beginning which rolled on to acquisition of companies like Quaker Oats Company (2001), Gatorade, Chewy Granola Bears, Aunt Jemima, etc. A greater deal of $7 billion, acquired Pepsi Bottling group, and PepsiAmericas, and PepsiCo came up with a brand new subsidiary industry named as Pepsi Beverages Company.

Social Causes

PepsiCo runs foundation, named as PepsiCo Foundation, exhibits the philanthropic policies of the company. According to the details given on company web page, PepsiCo Foundation primarily funds the projects which are related to nutrition, safe water or education. In the year 2009, PepsiCo has launched a non-profit organization which they named as Pepsi Refresh Project, which provide grants to community organizations, which are willing to do something for the betterment of immediate local life they are associated with.

The philanthropic policies were evident when PepsiCo donated $1.3 million for the project related to Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Awards and Recognition

Frito-Lay and Quaker Oats Company, the major investment sectors and branches of PepsiCo, Inc., holds a significantly terrific 39 percent of snacks food sales, as far as the logistics of company’s progress graph represent.

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