The Republic of Uruguay is a country in Southern America bordering Argentina. As much insignificant as it sounds, you will be shocked to find out the great number of artists and personalities that this nation has produced! Uruguayan culture is strongly European and here are certain famous people among the many who are from this beautiful country-

1. Eduardo Acevedo Díaz

Born in Buenos Aires, he is a Uruguayan writer and novelist. His alternative careers also include being a journalist and a politician. He was born in 1851 on 20th His works include Ismael, Brenda, Nativa, La novelahisrotica, La bocadeltigre, Soledad and El primiprimersuplicio, among the many others

2. Mario Bendetti

Mario Orlando Hardy Hamlet Brenno Benedetti Farrugia was a Uruguayan writer, poet, journalist and a very important member of the Generacion del 45. He has written more than 80 books in twenty different languages but is still not well known in the English world. The Spanish hold him in high regard in the ladder of Spanish literature.

3. Martin Lopez

Opeth continues to be a much acclaimed band in the boundaries of progressive death metal band. Martin Lopez was the founding member of this same band. He was also known as the drummer of AmonAmarth which produced melodic death metal music. He continues to be one of the greatest drummers in rock music.

4. Gregorio Conrado Alvarez

Also known as El Goyo, he was the de facto President of the Republic of Uruguay from 1981 to 1985. He is a significant President in political history as he was the last president of the military dictatorship rule in Uruguay. He was, however, arrested for human rights abuses in his later life.

5. Martin Mendez

The second most constant and important member of the progressive death metal band Opeth, Martin Mendez plays bass in this world famous musical band. Previously, he has also played in bands like Fifth to Infinity, Proxima and Vinterkrig. He is most known for his silent stage presence without a facial expression and his head-banging.

6. Miguel DelAguila

Classical music is almost lost amongst the world of dance and technological instruments. He is one the artists who have the upheld the institution of contemporary classical music in Uruguay. In his early life he fled the Uruguayan repressive government and landed in California where he studied music. Now he stands with three Grammy nominations for several musical pieces which express his life and South American roots.

7. Pablo Sciuto

It seems like Uruguay has an excellent taste in music as we have this very composer who has broken records in music. Born in Montevideo, this musician combines indie pop and jazz with a technological musical touch. He has been part of the band Escape and currently resides in Spain.

8. Rodolfo Nin Novoa

Born in 1948, he is a Uruguayan politician who served as the Vice President of the country from 2005 to 2010. He is currently the Foreign Minister of Uruguay. He belongs to the Progressive Alliance party, which is one of the most rightist associations in Uruguay and serves as an important person in international relations

9. Fede Alvarez

Federico “Fede” Alvarezis a filmmaker who has a liking for the genre of horror and thriller. He is best known for directing the movies like the 2013 version of Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe. His short films include Los Pocillos (2001), El ÚltimoAlevare (2003), El Cojonudo (2005) and Ataque de Panico (2009).

10. NandoParrado

Fernando “Nando” SelerParradoDolgaysped to fame when he survived the crash of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 in the Andes Mountain on 13th October, 1972. He has also written a book accounting his days of dangerous living under the title Miracle in the Andes: 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home.

11. Eduardo Mateo

12. Ruben Rada

13. Jaime Roos

14. Julio Sosa

15. MalenaMuyala

16. Eunice Castro

17.Tina Ferreira

18. DelfiGalbiati

19. Natalia Oreiro

20. Gonzalo Aemilius

Hence, the next time you underestimate this gem of a country, think twice before you recall the heroes of this land from all fields of art, science, military and literature. Strong and sophisticated, Uruguay is small but independent and strongly rooted. This list contains only the few among the many celebrities and champions.

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