For a city that is known as the most densely populated city of United States, it comes by no surprise that its natives have put it on the fame screen for the world to look at. Detroit city is also the largest city situated at the United States- Canada border.

1. Tom Selleck

Famous People from Detroit Tom Selleck

If you are a fan of crime based television series and got glued to the television when the show “Bloody Hoods” is screened, chances are you already know why Detroit is blessed. Tom Selleck, one of the finest television actor has been on more than 50 television series, was born in Detroit.

2. Judy Greer

Famous People from Detroit Judy Greer

Hollywood found the treasure of wonderful actors from the successful television series programs. And a greater surprise is that all these television stars that make their way into the Hollywood from television are like Judy Greer, who is Detroit born actress, and known for her roles in “27 dresses”, and “Jurassic World”.

3. Ellen Burstyn

Famous People from Detroit Ellen Burstyn

The most graceful actress of all times, Ellen Burstyn has won hearts around the world with her talent. She is among the few actors who have been honored with the triple crown of acting in their life time, which means that she has won Academy Award, Emmy Award and Tony Award.

4. Jerry Bruckheimer

Famous People from Detroit Jerry Bruckheimer

If you love the thrill run through your spine as you sit in front of the television set watching “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Without a Trace” or “Cold Case”, you already know about the Detroit born TV series producer, Jerry Bruckheimer. He is the man behind many blockbusters such as ‘Top Gun’.

5. Christy Brinkley

Famous People from Detroit Ellen Burstyn Famous People from Detroit Christy Brinkley

The face of Covergirl, Christy Brinkley was born in Detroit, Michigan and has been one of the most popular faces in the fashion world. She earned her glittering fame upon starring on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers for the first time. She is a present day supermodel and a successful actress.

6. Robert Wagner

Famous People from Detroit Robert Wagner

Detroit born actors have a strong base upon which they built their career and they started this framework construction from the stage and theatres where they learned skills for acting. Robert Wagner who started his acting from similar theatric acts in the year 1950, is Detroit-born successful actor of his time.

7. Lily Tomlin

Famous People from Detroit Lily Tomlin

In the era of Netflix series that are climbing on the top of the must watch list, one cannot afford to miss “Grace and Frankie” Netflix series starring Lily Tomlin. Lily Tomlin started her career as a stand-up comedian and gradually built her name and fame as an actress and singer.

8. Francis Ford Coppola

Famous People from Detroit Francis Ford Coppola

If you are a movie fanatic and love the crime centric drama genre of the movie categories, “The Godfather trilogy” must be on the top of your favorite movies. Director of “The Godfather trilogy”, Francis Ford Coppola is a talented and award winning screenwriter and producer  apart from being commendable director.

9. Diana Ross

Famous People from Detroit Diana Ross

Diana Ross, who was honored by the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, calls Detroit her home city. Detroit born lady, Diana, is one of the most talented figurine of music industry of her times and is known to the world for her singing and songwriting talents, and also song producing skills.

10. James Duval

Famous People from Detroit James Duval

Detroit boasts of flourishing talents which often are seen as multi-talents by the rest of the world. James Duval, born in Detroit, is an actor, guitarist and pianist. His role as Frank in “Donnie Darko” and his music band ‘Gene Wilder’ accounts for his rising fame for exhibiting multitude of talents.

11. Dean Cain

12. George Peppard

13. George C Scott

14. Jeff Daniels

15. Kristen Bell

16. Ed McMahon

17. Lee Majors

18. Pam Dawber

19. Piper Laurie

20. Roger Corman

The home of 80 feet tall tire, Detroit city has earned the fame of being one of the most interesting and famous cities of the whole world. Apart from being the mother city of ice cream soda, Detroit has a mixed population composed of different ethnic races who live in harmony.

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