WIN/Gallup International Association organized a poll in 2012 to find out which is the happiest country of the world. The result of the poll declared that a transcontinental country, situated in the north-west region of South America, Columbia is the happiest country of the world. Let find out about famous Colombians:

1. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Famous people from Colombia Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Colombia is a country that boasts about its rich cultural as well as biological diversity. This rich Colombian culture gave birth to the Nobel Laureate and novelist, Gabriel Garcia Marquez who stole hearts of readers around the world with his spell-binding masterpieces such as ‘Love at the time of cholera’.

2. Nina Garcia

Famous people from Colombia Nina Garcia

Where there is a trending and ever changing diversity, there is footmark of Colombians. Nina Garcia, the fashion director of an internationally acclaimed fashion magazine, Marie Claire, is a Colombian fashion journalist and writer, wrote the 2007 New York Bestseller- ‘The little Black Book of Style’ along with four other books.

3. Shakira

Famous people from Colombia Shakira

If you are a music lover and couldn’t miss the opening ceremony of FIFA Worldcup 2014, the Colombian voice that shines brighter than any star on earth, Shakira, might be the reason. Columbian beauty, Shakira is an international performer, singer, songwriter and dancer apart from also being a successful record producer.

4. Juan Pablo Montoya

Juan Pablo Montoya Juan Pablo Montoya

Winner of the Race of Champions in the year 2017, Juan Pablo Montoya is the Colombian racing car driver who represents the Team Penske in the races. This Columbian racing star is ranked 30th on the list of top 50 Formula One drivers which was published by Times Online in 2009.

5. Ingrid Betancourt

Famous people from Colombia Ingrid Betancourt

Colombian women are often praised around the world for their beauty and talents in various cultural art forms. Ingrid Betancourt, former Colombian senator and political scientist, gives a glimpse of strong Colombian women who made a difference in the political scenario of Colombia by boldly voicing their opinions against corruption.

6. Sofia Vergara

Famous people from Colombia Sofia Vergara

The highest earning television actress on US television in the year 2016, Sofia Vergara is of Colombian origin. Currently starring in the television show, Modern Family, Sofia Vergara has been nominated for various prestigious awards such as Screen Actors Guild’s Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Primetime Emmy Awards to name a few.

7. Radamel Falcao

Famous people from Colombia Radamel Falcao

A true Colombian often boasts his love for football in a manner that you might believe that his heart pumps love for football instead of blood. El Tigre of Colombia, Radamel Falcao is known as the hero who rose to shining fame by securing five goals in a La Liga.

8. John Leguizamo

Famous people from Colombia John Leguizamo

Colombian is the birth country of multi-talented John Leguizamo who is known in the international world for his excellence as actor, film producer, playwright, screenwriter and stand-up comedian. Among many notable awards that he received for his performance, Rita Moreno HOLA award and Made in NY award are recent ones.

9. Fernando Botero

Famous people from Colombia Fernando Botero

The new style of sculpture, Boterismo, is the brain child of world famous and highly renowned Colombian Artist, Fernando Botero. If you appreciate curvy and chubbier figurines instead of slim ones, you would love creations of Botero which adorn different streets of Colombia. Botero dislodges the conventional definition of beauty.

10. Francisco de Paula Santander

Famous people from Colombia Francisco de Paula Santander

Colombia has been famous not just in the present day world but also in the chapters of historical world because of brave Colombians like Francisco de Paula Santander. Francisco de Paula Santander is the former president of newly formed Colombia and is one of the notable statesmen in the world history.

11. Jorge Elicer Gaitan

12. Pablo Escobar

13. Griselda Blanco

14. Virginia Vallejo

15. Carlos Bacca

16. Diana Turbay

17. Rene Higuita

18. Victor Ibarbo

19. Adrian Ramos

20. Carlos Valderrama

Colombia is a nation that makes it mark on the world map in multiple ways. It is the second country in the whole world which is known for its biodiversity while Brazil sits on the top rank of this list. Colombian rich cultural diversity has given birth to literary and musical geniuses.


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