For most of my adult life, I heard the term, “passive aggressive” and although my understanding of the meaning of that phrase has never changed, I started to see something different.

The passive aggressive tone of people, where people start out very meek gradually became excited about whatever they were unsure of just before.passive-aggressive-tone-of-people

That’s what passive aggressive is, right?

But that seems wrong to me. It seems backwards.

As I grew into my awareness, I noticed it more and more. Moments where people would get super excited about something only to talk themselves out of it a minute later.get-super-excited-about-something

To me, that was “aggressive passive.”

Ever heard someone talk about a dream they have? You see their eyes light up and the words almost can’t get out of their mouths fast enough, as their mind tries to keep up. They tell you why it matters and how they were inspired in the first place. They quickly share their strengths and believe they can handle anything and everything that comes their way.

But what happens quickly after?

They find a reason why it won’t happen…the timing isn’t right…they don’t have the money…they are afraid of failure. We’ve all heard the excuses and we all buy into them. We convince ourselves that “someday” is an actual day and when that “day” gets here, we will finally take the chances we are missing now.

The next Time Something Yu Want is in Front of You, Don’t Back Away from It. Use one of These Five Reasons Why You Should Push Past that Feeling of Wanting to Retreat:

You’ve Already Taken the Hardest StepYou’ve Already Taken the Hardest Step

Confessing to a want is hard enough as it is, but after we let someone see it, we almost have this sense of relief. It’s not a secret anymore. Sure, talk is cheap and we are going to change our minds more than once for a variety of different reasons. People struggle with allowing to be seen by others, sometimes afraid that someone might hold them accountable. However, having someone there to cheer you on, listen to you struggles, and keep you moving forward helps more than we think it will.

You Don’t Know What will HappenYou Don’t Know What will Happen

Too often, we anticipate the worst possible outcome. We tell ourselves about the wasted time and effort we will have expended for something that “never had a chance.” Life surprises us all the time. It grants us wishes in a bigger ways than we could have ever imagined. It brings people into our lives we never knew would matter. It shows connects us with experiences that we otherwise might have missed.

You are Excited NOW!You are Excited NOW!

Once that momentum wains, it is difficult to regain it. Call me impulsive, but when you are feeling that positive energy, in that moment you are ready. You are in GO mode and don’t waste time thinking about how others might see this adventure or how things will play out. That’s okay! Sometimes, you just have to go for it.

You will Inspire OthersYou will Inspire Others

Believe it or not, as much as there are people watching for the wrong reasons (they would love nothing more than to see you fail), there are plenty others who want you to be happy and succeed. One dreamer will inspire others to dream. When we watch someone live a life full of chance with an unwritten script, our hope is restored in life and the miracles it can bring. No matter how long it has been, our desires will once again rise to the surface, aching for a chance to be chased once again.

You will not Have Any RegretsYou will not Have Any Regrets

It’s easy to look back on life and notice all of the things you never did, for whatever reason. Staying “aggressive” with our wants, our intentions, and our follow through will always change us. Maybe we don’t achieve greatness with fame and stardom, but we live so many experiences that removing them would leave us empty and unfulfilled. At the end of our days, we will have understood the courage it took to go after something without a single promise to hold onto…other than you will be glad you did it.

You can talk yourself out of just about anything. When you can’t, chances are there is someone that will do it for you. Imagine committing to something so strongly that you never waiver, you never back down, you never forget why it matters in the first place.Imagine committing to something

Walking away is easy. Pretending it was never there is even easier. Life has its moments where we need to slow down and take it easy, but when it comes to chasing a dream, there is only one speed…GO!

Your dream will either come true or it won’t, but you choosing to never give it a chance never gives it much of a chance.

Besides, there are much worse things in this world…

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