Passive Personalities & Their Lifes

In the long run, we tend to see people of various kinds and one of the is the passive personalities who become so due to a lot of reasons.


In the long run, we tend to see people of various kinds and one of the is the passive personalities who become so due to a lot of reasons. A passive personality is those who get too intimidated with stronger personalities around them and act passively whereas the others are so just to avoid confronting issues thinking that they will solve on their own.

Passive Aggressive Traits


Passive aggressive traits are usually extremely veiled in any individual and thus difficult to pinpoint on the traits. However here we have tried to collate some of the major traits of a passive aggressive person.

Indirect expression of hostile behavior via-

  1. Stubbornness
  2. Repeated and deliberate failure to do tasks
  3. Procrastination
  4. Sullen behavior almost all the times.

Passive Aggressive Parents


Being an obedient child at times takes a toll on every individual, however things worse when the ones are your parents and they suffer from passive-aggressive behaviour in which what they feel is not what they do at the end of the day. This creates tension and thus to overcome this, you need to give time to them and understand their requirements better.


Passive Person & Aggressive Personalities


Passive people are just the stark opposite of aggressive personalities where they become so due to a lot many reasons. Some of the people become of passive nature on seeing strong personalities taking over and while the rest just want to stay clear of the issues and problems in hope that the issues will wash away with time.

Passive Aggressive Quotes


While all the quotes that we tend to hear and encounter need not be specific to the genres of happiness, sadness and et al, there tend to quote which deal with some other aspects of life. Thus there comes some of the different kind of life quotes which talk about passive aggressiveness which is bound to give you a different perspective on life for sure.

Passive Aggressive Symptoms


The passive aggressive behaviour being anyway difficult to deduce  and understand, here we have tried  to collate some of the symptoms associated to understand the situation better. Some of them are:

  1. Avoiding responsibilities by sighting forgetfulness.
  2. Playing the blame game.
  3. Fear of authority.
  4. Acting sullen at all times.
  5. Being inefficient purposefully.
  6. Complaining nature.
  7. Having an inner hostility or unexpressed anger within.

Passive Aggressive Notes


Passive aggressive notes have been doing the rounds for long where you might find it anywhere from such a person, at your office or maybe at the place that you stay over in. From having food stuff stolen from the common fridge to irked fellow workers who put on a passive aggressive note to brush the person in a bad way, all of it exists and how!

Passive Aggressive Female


As like the passive-aggressive males, females with similar traits also exist and are equally difficult to deal with. These women all of a sudden will give you a silent treatment, have a hostile body language, not look into your eyes directly and roll her eyes when you pass by even though you were probably friends just yesterday.

Passive Aggressive Personality


A person with a passive-aggressive personality tends to express their negative emotions via their actions rather than handling them directly face to face. This is what creates a difference between what they say initially and what they actually do. A passive aggressive personality person would first say yes to a plan which he or she disapproves of and then would not turn up as they were already negative about the entire idea from the first minute.

Passive Aggressive Husband


This might be one of the biggest problems in a woman’s life where the person she is married to is a passive aggressive man. Even though it is a trait which can be seen in both the genders, in men the probabilities are more where they tend to avoid responsibilities and try to control their wives. They stay away from their wives in a way that they do not have a chance to control or confront them.

Passive Aggressive Examples


Passive aggressive behaviour is perhaps one of the difficult to deal with and can be understood by the way in which a person disconnects in between what he actually does and what he says. Some of the examples related are:

  1. Intentional mistakes
  2. Resenting the requests and demands of others.
  3. Complaints of lack of appreciation and injustice.
  4. Deliberately procrastinate
  5. Hostile attitudes and et al.

Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder


The Passive-aggressive personality disorder is a chronic and long-term condition which seems to comply with the needs and desires of others whereas it is at the cost of resisting themselves passively. Thus, in the long run, these kinds of people become increasingly angry and hostile towards situations and circumstances.

Passive Aggressive Men


A passive aggressive man is a person which avoids conflict through either withdrawal or passivity and also avoids any kind of responsibility. A man extremely difficult to judge in the early phases, he is a man who says a thing and means another, fears any kind of conflicts, forgetful of things and is actually afraid of any kind of emotional attachments.

Passive Aggressive Behaviour


Mainly described as an indirect expression of a hostile behaviour on oneself via means such as being overly stubborn, in a phase of procrastinating, repeated or maybe deliberate attempted failure to complete required tasks at hand or a sullen behaviour for which a person is often explicitly responsible is the best definition possible for the term Passive Aggressive Behaviour.

Passive Aggression Towards self


Just when everything in your life tends to fall into place and you are on the path of attaining your goals and motives, something within you starts pulling you back criticizing and saying that it is not worthy or you are too tired to achieve the goal; doesn’t that happen too often? That’s passive aggression towards self. A self-deterrent factor!

Passive Aggressive Boyfriend


People with passive-aggressive nature are extremely tricky and difficult to understand and if the person is someone whom you love and try to understand things tend to get trickier with time. In case you are with a guy who is having this trait, you need to understand that they are not speaking their mind and thus go deeper to understand their wants and needs.

Passive Aggressive Comments


Passive aggressive comments are the brainchild of the people who tend to suffer from this condition where the disconnect between what they say is just opposite to what they do in the end. Thus in the way they deal with people, they make comments which say something but means something completely opposite.

Passive-Aggressive Communication


Passive-aggressive communication is a kind of communication technique that individuals take up which helps them avoid the expression of their feelings and opinions and identifying their needs and feelings and are usually the result of extremely low self-esteem in them. Thus these communications styles are very commonly used by the ones who are passive aggressive in nature.

Passive Aggressive Girlfriend


Humans are anyway difficult to understand and in case a girl is suffering from the issue of passive aggressive behaviour it tends to take a toll to actually understand the needs and wants. Thus the key is to understand that what they say yes to might not be so and deal with it with care and utmost understanding.

passive Aggressive Wife


Passive-aggressive people tend to act extremely passively to a situation where their aggression is always covered. And in case you are stuck in a relationship where your wife is of passive aggressive nature, it is indeed very difficult to cope up and understand her all the times. Thus by giving time and care, this can reduce.

Passive Aggressive Workplace


A passive aggressive workplace is perhaps one of the most dangerous of the situation that any working person might find himself or herself in where the people around them are extremely difficult to understand given that their yes in a given moment does not affirm their objective and where they can do just the opposite when time comes.