It is fact that few people know the Oscar Wilde’s full name and it is Oscar Fingal O’ Flahertie Wills Wilde.15 Inspiring Quotes By Oscar Wilde!

No doubt, he is famous all across the world and with that people also recognize him as the famous poet.

For those who do not know so, he is an Irish author and poet and a playwright. When it comes to writes plays so he was the one who came up with lots of great work and still we really appreciate them.

He is also famous for his great inspiring quotes and honestly his all these inspiring quotes have really changed the lives of many people.

His life is the true example of hardships and if you dig out his inspiring quotes so you will find very productive for your own self.

Followings are some of his great inspiring quotes so make sure you go through all of them and see how they can benefit you.

  1. “I Think That God, In Creating Man, Somewhat Overestimated His Ability.”
  2. “Always Forgive Your Enemies; Nothing Annoys Them So Much.”
  3. “True Friends Stab You In The Front.”
  4. “It Is Absurd To Divide People Into Good And Bad. People Are Either Charming Or Tedious.”
  5. “Some Cause Happiness Wherever They Go; Others Whenever They Go.”
  6. “A Little Sincerity Is A Dangerous Thing, And A Great Deal Of It Is Absolutely Fatal.”
  7. “When I Was Young I Thought That Money Was The Most Important Thing In Life; Now That I Am Old I Know That It Is.”
  8. “There Are Only Two Tragedies In Life: One Is Not Getting What One Wants, And The Other Is Getting It.”
  9. “All Women Become Like Their Mothers. That Is Their Tragedy. No Man Does. That’s His.”
  10. “Fashion Is A Form Of Ugliness So Intolerable That We Have To Alter It Every Six Months.”
  11. “Genius Is Born—Not Paid.”
  12. “Morality Is Simply The Attitude We Adopt Towards People Whom We Personally Dislike.”
  13. “A Gentleman Is One Who Never Hurts Anyone’s Feelings Unintentionally.”
  14. “My Own Business Always Bores Me To Death; I Prefer Other People’s.”
  15. “I Like Men Who Have A Future And Women Who Have A Past.”

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