Based in Redwood City in the state of California, Oracle Corporation is a well known American multinational company that deals primarily with computer technology. It is known for the development and

marketing of enterprise software systems, database software and technology and cloud engineered systems. It is also involved in the development of software for ERP, SCM and CRM. In the year 2011, Oracle Corporation earned the second highest annual revenue with Microsoft taking the lead.

Founding Date: June 16th, 1977

Company Name: Oracle Corporation

Industry: Enterprise Software and Cloud Computing

Country: California, USA

Company Website:

Back in the Days

Oracle Corporation was founded by Larry Ellison, Ed Oates and Bob Minor in the year 1977 by the name Software Development Laboratories. The inspiration came when Larry learnt about the concept of large shared data banks of IBM system. He too decided to follow suit and develop IBN’s idea further though was unsuccessful initially.

They later changed the name of the company to Relational Software Incorporation and Oracle Systems Corporations before finally settling for Oracle Corporation in the year 1995. Their first big success came when they developed C programming language as this made it easier for people to port to various operating systems.

Technologies to their Credit

Over the years Oracle has come up with some path breaking ideas and technologies that have made life easier for the people. Some of these important breakthroughs include first ever database that offered read consistency, UNIX based applications, introduction of PL/SQL, first 64-bit RDBMS, first DBMS that was supported by XML and first ever Computer technology firm to create a record of 3TB TPC-H.

What Oracle has to Offer?

Oracle Corporation is involved in the designing, development and distribution of hardware as well as software products. It also offers various services which improves the experience of the users who use these products.

IN software arena, some of the important products developed by the company are Oracle Database, MySQL, Oracle RDB and Oracle Essbase. It is also involved in development of Middleware like system integration, content management, business project management and the likes. Some of the important services offered by Oracle Corporation are Oracle Cloud, Oracle Financing, Oracle Consulting etc.

Some of the well known hardware products offered by the firm are Oracle SPARC T-series and M-series mainframes, Engineered Systems and Sun Microsystems.

Thanks to the different acquisitions that the company has made over the years, they were able to add many new products and services to their impressive collection of offering.

Competitors in the Arena

Since computer technology is reining the roost these days, Oracle Corporation definitely has a lot of competitors to contend with. Initially, IBM was their toughest competitor. However, when it delayed its developmental processes, Oracle went ahead of the company by launching databases for UNIX and Windows.

However, Sybase proved to be a tougher competitor for Oracle Corporation and continued to be so, before falling prey to a failed merger. Later in 1994, when Informix took over Sybase, it emerged as a worthy competitor. Oracle Corporation left no stone unturned to overcome this competition and was soon able to get ahead of all these competitors.

Presently Microsoft and SAP are giving a tough competition to the company.

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