Ola cabs have revolutionized the Indian cab scene by offering economical rides in comfortable cars. A part of the ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd, this is an online transportation network company that

allows the customers to book a cab using a mobile app. Though the company was started in the city of Mumbai, it has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Founding Date: 3rd December, 2010

Company Name: ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Industry: Technology

Country: Bangalore, India

Company Website: www.olacabs.com

allows the customers to book a cab using a mobile app. Though the company was started in the city of Mumbai, it has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka.

The Establishmentbhavish-aggarwal-and-ankit-bhati

Ola was founded on 3rd December 2010 by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati. They came up with the idea when they saw hundreds of people being stranded on the roads without cabs and unable to pay the huge fee demanded by the private taxis.

The concept of Ola was first launched in Mumbai. The customers loved the idea of pocket friendly cab rides at the touch of a button so much that the cab service became a rage across the city. This is when the company decided to expand its network to other major cities of the country.

A Novel Conceptbhavish-aggarwal-and-ankit-bhati

Though Ola was started with an aim to offer economical fare rates to cab customers, it has ever since grown. It now offers all types of cab hiring packages. Thus, customers can opt for small cars as well as luxury cars.

The cabs are booked using a mobile app which makes it all the more convenient for the customers to book a cab at any time of the day or night. The customer needs to create a unique id to avail the services. When booking a cab, he/she needs to enter the location of pickup and drop and the cab nearest to the pickup location would receive a signal. The driver’s number is sent to the customer via an SMS and then the two can coordinate the ride.

The fare for the cab can be paid in cash or even as Ola money which is an online wallet. It is all this convenience which has made the cab company a huge hit with the tech savvy generation of today.


Thanks to the wide acclaim it received from its customers, Ola now operates in all the major cities of India. It has also come up with some more services like Ola Store, Ola Café, Ola Shuttle, Ola Corporate and Ola Money to further ease up the life of its customers.

In June 2016, the company has also launched its rental and outstation services which were otherwise unavailable. It has also launched its e-rickshaw service in the Delhi-NCR region which allows the customers to book an auto rickshaw using the app.

Ola aims to tie up with more drivers across the country to improve its services. In 2014, it was said to have tied up with 20000 cars in over 100 cities. It aims to double up this number in the next couple of years.


Ola expanded its horizons by making some important acquisitions. These include acquisition of TaxiforSure, Geotagg and ZipCash.booking-for-ola

The annual revenue of Ola is estimated at INR418.25crores in 2015. The figures are sure to rise in the years to come, given the implementation of newer strategies.

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