Japanese anime unlike usual animation has a different style to it and a lot more mature. In fact, its target audience is not usually kids while some of them are targeted at the younger lot.

Many wonder how a 30 year old can watch Japanese cartoon! Well that is the beauty of Anime! With a strong storyline, captivating screenplay and moral values, anime is a must watch of people of all ages. However, there are so many out there that you might be lost as to what to start with. Here’s a list of the top 10 anime that you can watch right now and become an instant fan.

One Piece – Japanese Manga Series OnePiece

A story of adventure, imagination, dreams and valor, ‘One Piece’ is a pirate adventure drama that is set in an area devoid of technology. An anime that is running into nearly 800 episodes, it is known for its amazing story, great characterizations and epic battles. A must watch that has to be added to your list.

Full Metal Alchemist: BrotherhoodFull Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Religion, death, racism, genocide, war, politics and alchemy. No not different anime. All blended into one epic story. Based on the Elric brothers – Edward and Alphonse who are on a journey to regain their human bodies using Alchemy. The story stands for true brotherhood as the title suggests. Check it out for sure.

Death NoteDeath Note

Any first timer is recommended ‘Death Note’. The screenplay is so brilliant that even the biggest anime haters will be immediately hooked. Categorized under the fantasy/drama genre, watch as two youngsters battle it out using only their intellect. Expect some unexpected mind games.

Cowboy BepopCowboy Bepop

Although old, this anime is so good that Keanu Reeves has been trying to convince Hollywood to make this into a mainstream film but in vain. Revolving around a bounty hunter and his crew who are on the path to making money while still trying to do some good, this space saga is sure to enthrall.

Parasyte – The Maxim

Parasyte – The Maxim

How about some alien creatures taking control of host human bodies and devouring mankind for a start? Not as raw as it seems, this anime is short, crisp and powerful and questions humanity’s existence. If you are looking at some intellectual stuff with a dash of violence, this is a sure choice.



One of the weirdest anime on this list, this story follows a man named ‘Ginko’ who is a self-proclaimed Mushi master. Basically an anthology, each episode is completely new and the series can be picked up anywhere. The central characters are cellular level creatures called ‘Mushi’ that thrive on humans and other lifeforms. A soothing experience devoid of any violence or gore, this is a pleasant watch.