While sports itself is an adrenaline pumping exercise, some people choose more thrill and danger in their life. Called extreme sporting, they innovate and improvise on a basic sport and make it an extreme sport, called so because of the danger involved in it. However, such men and women are ready to take the risk for the thrill involved in such sports. Have a look at some of the most extreme sports around the world

Free Solo Climbing (Free Soloing)

Free Soloing- Extreme SportsCan you imagine scaling a mountain or for that matter of fact, even a small hill without safety harness? We bet you wouldn’t take the risk. Check out free soloing where enthusiasts use only their bare fingers and toes to scale mountains. One slip will end all your dreams. But there’s no stopping them!

Wingsuit Flying (wingsuiting)

Wingsuit Flying

Ever seen those television commercials in which winged men jump of a hill and glide like a bird to finally land safely on the ground without the use of any mechanics? Yes, that’s wingsuit flying and only people with a minimum experience of 200 skydives are allowed to perform this dangerous sport.

Volcano Surfing

Volcano Surfing-Extreme Sports

Think about trekking up an active volcano with a plywood board enforced with steel on the bottom and sliding down the sides! Called Volcano surfing, this is for people who want to inhale some Sulphur fumes and probably you might even crash into some volcano rocks.

Cave Diving

Cave Diving

While we would be scared of pitch dark caves in itself, some dive into dark underwater caves. One of the most dangerous extreme sports or hobbies, this is performed only by expert deep sea divers as it can get really dangerous when you run out of oxygen.



All of us have heard of kayaking. But ever heard of creeking? It is kayaking with a twist. You would simply plunge of a high waterfall to fall into rocks below or get submerged under the water in the worst case! Man sure needs a lot of thrill!

Which one would you choose this time on your adventure?