Toys are meant for entertainments for children. Toys are shaped in various forms. They take the shape of humans, animals, teddy bears and soft toys and children are delighted to play with them. Newer forms of toys have digital media techniques integrated into them to make them faster and more entertaining like remote control cars. Let’s take a quick glance at the ten most expensive toys available.

1. Diamond Choker Barbie

Most Expensive Diamond Choker Barbie

The most expensive toy is a Diamond Choker Barbie which is valued at a whopping $302,000. This was sold to avail benefits to breast cancer research. It has been exclusively created by the famed Australian jewelry designer Stefano Canturi. The Barbie has a black strapless evening and a choker with a 1k square pink diamond.

2. I. Joe Toy Soldier Prototype

Most Expensive I. Joe Toy Soldier Prototype

This Toy Soldier prototype is the second most expensive toy available in the world and is valued at $200,000. It was created by a man named Don Levine in the year 1963. He sold it at an auction by Heritage Comic Auctions in Dallas, Texas. The figure is 11.5 inches in height and has more than twenty moving parts.

3. Steiff Teddy Bear

Most Expensive Steiff Teddy Bear

The third most expensive toy available in the world is Steiff Teddy Bear which is priced at $193,000. It’s a teddy bear with fear that has been made out of real gold. Its eyes are made of sapphires and diamonds. It is a product of the company Steiff, one of the finest and first teddy bear maker companies in the world. 125 such bears are available.

4. Hot Wheels 40th Anniversary Diamond Encrusted Car

Most Expensive Hot Wheels 40th Anniversary Diamond Encrusted Car

This Hot Wheels Car is the fourth most expensive toy in the world, which is priced at $140,000. This one in question is made out of 18K white gold and 2700 wheels cover its entire body. It is a car that is hand-detailed. The jewels were put into 2700 microscopic holes that pervaded the totality of the car’s body.

5. HMS Terrible Toy Battleship

Most Expensive HMS Terrible Toy Battleship

This stylish battleship is priced at a whopping $122,600 and was sold at an auction. German toy maker, Marklin made this Battleship in 1905. It commands the respect of being the most expensive toy ever made in the United Kingdom, in the course of history. It is a rare steam-propelled battleship made out of tin.

6. Darth Vader War Helmet

Most Expensive Darth Vader War Helmet

Darth Vader has been the scariest villain in the course of history, undoubtedly. The sixth most expensive toy is valued at $115,000.The war helmet was worn on the Empire Strikes back episode of Star Wars. It fits Bob Anderson, the stunt man in action. It is a toy for the child who has it larger than life and is also used at a movie prop.

7. 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb

Most Expensive 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb

The seventh most expensive toy in the world is 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb. It is valued at $ 72,000. It was later discontinued as it was incapable of running on Mattel-made race tracks. The car has a peculiar odd design with a surfboard hanging from the back. It is a very desirable toy for collectors.

8. Junior Off Roader

Most Expensive Junior Off Roader

The eighth most expensive toy in the world is Junior Off Roader, which is priced at $30,000. It is an actual gas powered vehicle. Its size permits only a kid. It’s a delightful thing as it gives them as their first driving experience. It can drive smoothly through tough terrain and some of the features which make it note-worthy are three gear drive, fiberglass body, and upholstered seats.

9. 18K Gold Game Boy

Most Expensive 18K Gold Game Boy

The ninth most expensive toy in the world is 18K Gold Game Boy which is valued at $ 25,000. This is the most expensive version of Game Boy that has been ever made, in the course of history. The display screen is lined with beautifully cut diamonds. It is made at Asprey’s of London and can be obtained online through the Swiss Supply.

10. Nintendo Stadium Events

Most Expensive Nintendo Stadium Events

The tenth most expensive toy in the world is Nintendo Stadium Events which is valued at $22,800. It is a sports fitness game, a product of the company Family Fitness which was later bought by Bandai. It allows players to compete in four different Olympic like sporting games sessions by use of the mat to make movements as they concentrate on focused gameplay via running and jumping.

11. I. Joe Manimals Vortex Figure

12. Life Size Lego Basketball Player

13. Hover Scooty by HammacherSchlemmer

14. Babe Ruth Figure

15. 1961 MagirusDeutz Crane MatchBox No 30

16. 1978 Telescopic Lightsaber Darth Vader

As you can see, many toys are inspired from celebrated television series and films. They command the market and also originate as must-haves for children who have very prosperous parents. Traditional dolls from India are also a famous artifice and entertainment object for children. Toys enhance a child’s linguistic learning, cognitive and social performance and behavior.

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