Mobile phones are portable telephonic devices that allow one to make calls and receive them as long as he is within a telephonic network. Now, the arrays of services provided by mobile phones have increased to include general computing capabilities and they are known by the name of smart phones. This device of necessity also harbors much prestige as a status symbol item.

Let us take a quick look at the ten most expensive mobile phones in the world right now.

1. iPhone 5 Black Diamond

iPhone 5 Black Diamond

Priced at a whopping $15,000,000, this phone has been designed intricately by Stuart Hughes. It has real diamonds studded into it, for more glamorous effect. This Apple smart phone is built on a chassis of solid gold, following the model of iPhone 5. It has full gold dressing in the rear section of the logo, too.

2. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

This Apple phone is priced at an exorbitant $8 million and has been designed by none other than the Stuart Hughes, who masters in producing the costliest phones of the world. This phone is decorated with 500 single flawless diamonds, totaling over 100ct and the back logo is rose gold in color and has 53 more diamonds.

3. iPhone Supreme Goldstriker

iPhone Supreme Goldstriker

This iPhone which is rated at $3,200,000 boasts of a casing that is fully gold plated with 22 carats of gold weighing around 271 grams, also loaded with 53 1 carat beautiful diamonds. The home button boasts of a single rare 7.1 carat diamond and it comes in a granite chest with an interior coating of nu-buck best quality leather.

4. iPhone 3G King’s Button

iPhone 3G King’s Button

Priced at $2.4 million, this Apple phone is the fourth most expensive phone in the world where 138 diamonds have been used to decorate the phone’s body. Designed exclusively by Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson, this phone has a white diamond of 6.6 carats serving as the major home screen button.

5. GoldVish Le Million

GoldVish Le Million expensive

Priced at $1.3 million, the fifth most expensive phone of the world was designed by the celebrated Emmanuel Gueit. It was launched in Switzerland and has made a Guinness World Record of being one of the most expensive phones to be sold in the Millionaire Fair in Cannes, in 2006.

6. Diamond Crypto Smart Phone

Diamond Crypto Smart Phone

Priced at $1.3 million, this phone is the sixth expensive phone in the world, also designed by the famous Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson. It runs on a Windows CE Operating System and provides security against kidnapping and technological bribery. It showcases 50 precious diamonds on its cover, 10 of them being the erratic blue ones meant to mesmerize.

7. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

The seventh most expensive phone in the world is valued at $1 million and was popular in Switzerland in 2005. Being made out of solid gold, that weighs around 180 grams, it boasts of a back side made out of 200 year old African wood. The keys the phone boasts of are made of cobalt’s crystals.

8. Vertu Signature Cobra

Vertu Signature Cobra expensive

The eighth most expensive phone in the world, valued at $310,000 has been designed by French jeweler Boucheron. The classy phone features includes the depiction of a cobra along the side of the phone besides one round white diamond, one pear cut diamond, two bright green eyes and 439 rubies.

9. Black Diamond VIPN Smart Phone

Black Diamond VIPN Smart Phone

The ninth most expensive phone in the world is priced at $300,000 and has been designed by Jaren Goh. It has an ultra-glossy finish with OLED technology, polycarbonate skin and organic LED technology besides thin profile and clean lines. Tech-junkies and fashionistas are attracted by this smart phone, luxuriously designed.

10. iPhone Princess Plus

expensive iPhone Princess Plus

This Apple phone is priced at $176,500 and is the tenth most expensive phone in the world and it shares the same specifications like other Apple smartphones. The famous Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson designed this marvelous beauty and it comes with 180 brilliant cut diamonds that weigh around 17.75 grams, in total.

11. Dior Reverie – Priced at $120,000

12. Vertu Signature Diamond – Priced at $88,000

13. Tag Heuer Link – Priced at $6,700

14. Vertu Constellation – Priced at $5,400

15. HTC One Gold Edition – Priced at $4,200

These fifteen as already laid out are the fifteen most expensive phones available in the world. They aren’t for one and all. Each design sports an entirely unique design and is rare like the blue moon. Overwhelmingly priced, these phones serve as status symbols to the richest populations throughout the world.