Fanning age 5 with his first surfboard.

Mick Fanning who is also popularly known as Michael Eugene was born in the year 1981 on June 13. He is renowned for his excellent surfing techniques and is also a professional in his career. He has established himself as a professional surfer from the beginning years of his career. Despite coming across a lot hurdles in his professional life, he has overcomed everything with his constant focus and dedication towards the work. He has achieved a lot of awards and certifications in his career for his excellent performance and talents. Fanning is a successful personality both in her personal and professional life and the only reason to this statement is his focus. It is due to his dedication that has provided him with the opportunity to rise high in his life.

Early life

Mick Fanning is pictured as a small child

During the year 1981, Fanning was born in Penrith which is place in Australia. His parents belonged to an Irish background so he was brought up in the Irish culture. It was the interest of his father to get his son into the surfing profession. So Fanning was admitted to the surfing school just at the age of five years in the part of South Australia.

Mick Fanning young age picture

He was not interested in the surfing during the initial years and then shifted to the New South Wales with his family for the professional purposes for his father. He was admitted to a school named Palm Beach Currumbin State High School which is in Tweed Heads where he started taking surfing lessons from the famous professional surfer Joel Parkinson. The surfing classes were held on four days in a week along the Gold Coast region. He further pursued with his surfing career along with his studies.

Mick Fanning young age

He was very good in studies as well as in the surfing career. Soon, within a few years, he established himself and his name spreaded in the northern and southern parts of the Queensland border. He was able to establish himself as the best surfer but was really moved when his brother Sean died in a road accident during the year 1998.


Mick Fanning is hoping to ring this year's Rip Curl Pro bell troph

Fanning started his professional career at a quite early age due to his excellent talents in surfing. Officially, he started his surfing career during the year 2001. He was provided with a wild card entry to finally win the famous contest of Australia. Just in the next year, he won the trophy of championship from the Association of Surfing Professionals and also the championship of World Qualifying Series. He achieved a victory in the QuikSilver Pro to appear in the first event of ASP World Tour where he was listed as the best player. Recently, he has also won the World Qualification Series in the competition of Hawaiian surf.



Fanning has achieved various awards in his lifetime. He was declared as the Rookie of the Year contestant in the year 2002. Next, he won the Santa Catarina Pro in the Brazil in the year 2007 and also received the ASP World title. Again in the year 2009, he won the championship trophy of ASP. Recently, he has also won the J-Bay Open series which is hosted in South Africa.

Personal life

Mick Fanning Family

Fanning got married to the famous model Karissa Dalton but it has been recorded that both of them are getting divorced in the year 2016. Though no informations has been recorded regarding his children and other family members. Apart from sports, he is also into the business industry. He is also the trustee of the National Rugby League along with Joel Parkinson, Josh Kerr and Bede Durbidge.

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