Founding Date: 1911

Company Name: Mars, Incorporated

Industry: Food processing

Country: McLean, Virginia, US

Company Website:

Forbes list ranks Mars Incorporation as the 6th largest company with private holdings with $33 billion USD annual sales in the financial year of 2015. Upon using Mars, Incorporated as the keyword of Google Search would provide results like the official web page of the company, official profiles of Mars on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, reviews of the company performance and product by, news headlines related to Mars, link to article on Mars by Fortune and Google image links of Mars logo.

The Conception of Mars Incorporation

Conception of Mars IncorporationThe success story of Mars Incorporation starts from Mars Bars, M&M’s, Milky Way Bars, Skittles, Snickers, Twix and ranges through food items like Uncle Ben’s Rice, Dolmio ( pasta), Combos and includes even quality pet food like Pedigree and Whiskas. Frank C. Mars, Founder of Mars, was born in 1880 and suffered from polio. As he spent long hours indoors, his mother taught him cooking skills to keep her little boy indulged in work. Frank Mars, thus, acquired the skill of making hand-dip chocolate from his mother.

In the year 1891, William Wrigley Jr. exhibits his skills of sales business as he starts his own business of selling baking powder. The chewing gums were initially only manufactured for the soldiers, until Orbit came to the world and reached common people as Wrigley distributed these with his usual baking powder samples.

William Wrigley Jr. exhibits his skillsFrank Mars and Ethel Veronica Mars founded and established Mars Candy Factory in Tacoma Washington in the year 1911, which shut down soon as the venture of wholesale business of fresh candy wasn’t well responded to by the customers and clients. Frank Mars established a new start this time with his new company Mar-O-Bar which is now knows as Mars, Incorporated. Orbit chewing gums made a comeback as a subsidiary unit of Mars, Incorporated.

Since its genesis, Mars, Inc. is a family business. In the year 1923, Frank and his son Forrest brought to the world “Milky Bar”, success of which brought monetary funds which eventually led to the appointment of full-time staff in the industry

Operations of Mars Incorporation

Operations of Mars IncorporationMars Incorporation has two major factory locations for the production of all the confectionary items. The largest among these is situated in Slough, near Liverpool Road and the other one is located in Veghel, Netherlands. These two location of factories are the most important sector of Mars, Incorporation for being responsible for production of Mars confectionary products for entire European Market.

The other important locations of Mars Incorporation are Ballarat, Victoria (Australia) and Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.

In 35 years, Mars, Inc. established a chocolate plant in Topeka, Kansas, USA, which is worth $270 million.

Important Acquisitions

William Wrigley Jr. Company and the deal was closedMars, Incorporated and Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated jointly purchased William Wrigley Jr. Company and the deal was closed with payment of $23 billion. With largest chewing gum producing industry under Mars, Inc. umbrella, the sales upsurges and reached about $27 billion which was ultimately shared by Mars, Inc. and Berkshire Hathaway.

Among a number of acquisitions invested upon by Mars Incorporation, acquisition of Aquarium pharmaceuticals, Inc. was a game changer. Upon acquisition Mars Incorporated renamed API as Mars Fishcare, Inc. as this division of Mars, Inc. was responsible for manufacture, marketing and sale of aquarium and pond products with brand names such as Aquarium pharmaceuticals, PondCare, AQUARIAN etc. Mars Fishcare has three production sites in Australia namely Wodonga, Victoria; Bathurst, New South Wales; and Brisbane, Queensland.

Social Causes

Mars, Inc. has spread the sweetness in lives of people in more than one way, with confectionaries and with the conservation related campaigns and causes raised by Mars Foundation.

Awards and Recognition

In the year 2016, Mars, Inc bagged the Climate Leadership Award for Organizational Leadership.


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