Marc Benioff, full name Marc Russell Benioff is one of the renowned American internet entrepreneurs. He is an author and well known as philanthropist. He had founded Salesforce in the year

of 1999 and within few years he transformed it into the giant enterprise cloud computing company.

NameMarc Benioff
Date of BirthSeptember 25, 1964
ParentsRussell Benioff,Joelle Benioff
SiblingsJulie Young
EducationUniversity of Southern California
SpouseLynne Benioff
Childern$3.7 Billion


Marc Benioff was born 25th September, 1964 in San Francisco, California, US. He has come from Jewish family. His father was Russell Benioff, founder of the biggest chain of apparel stores in San Francisco. Marc’s mother is Joelle Benioff. Marc is brought up with his two siblings, Julie and Jill in the metropolitan area of San Francisco.marc-benioffs-high-school-graduation-photo

Marc Benioff completed his graduation in 1982 from Burlingame High School. He was known as computer geek among his friends and teachers. Teachers of Burlingame High School used to count on Marc to repair wonky computers. Benioff used to program own video games in his teen age.strategist-benioff-young

Benioff completed Bachelor of Science from University of Southern California in 1986. He got his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.


Benioff has started his career when he was in high school. He had sold his 1st application, named How to Juggle for $75. He had programmed Liberty Software when he was just 15. He was busy in creating as well as selling games for Atari 8-bit computer systems. Epyz, Inc. had published many of the gaming software of Marc Benioff. King Arthur’s Heir, The Nightmare, Escape from Vulcan’s Isle and Crypt of the Undead were those finest creations of Benioff when he was just 16. He started to earn royalties more than $1500 in a month. He easily managed to pay fees of his college with his lump sum income.

When Marc was in University of Southern California, he had worked at the Macintosh division of Apple Computer as assembly language programmer. During internship in Apple Computer he was inspired by pioneer of Apple, Steve Jobs.


Benioff wanted to continue his career as computer programmer after completion of college. But, he had joined Oracle Corporation for the role of customer service as his USC professors had advised him. His professors wanted him to work customer related jobs and he had done so after his graduation. He had been serving Oracle for consecutive 13 years.

Just at age 23, he got the title Oracle’s Rookie of year for his excellence performance. After 3 years, he got promotion as vice president of Oracle Corporation. He was the youngest member of Oracle in this position.


Marc is well-known for his excellence in tech business as well as philanthropy work for distressed people. In 2016, he was awarded Businessperson of the year by Fortune readers awarded. Same year, he got title of the Best CEOs in the World by Barron’s. He also got The Economist Innovation Award in 2016.

Benioff is famous for his futurist leadership as well as revolutionary innovation across the globe. He is noted among Fortune’s 50 World’s Greatest Leaders for his legendry contribution establishing equality for LGBT people and social problems.

He is also known for his charitable work. 1-1-1 model is one of his best creations for corporate philanthropy work serving people as well as the society. More over 700 companies have adopted this model and Google not an exception.

In 2005, he is endowed by the name of Young Global Leaders by Members of the World Economic Forum.marc-benioff-in-world-economic-forum

In 2007, he got Excellence in Corporate Philanthropy Award.

Marc and his wife Lynne Benioff have donated $100 million to UCSF Hospital of Children for two times, in June, 2010 and March, 2014. Both UCSF and Oakland hospitals of Children are known as Benioff Children’ Hospital.


Marc’s name is enlisted among top most 50 Giver lists of America in 2015 as well as Chronicle of Philanthropy’s philanthropy top 50 lists in 2010.

Personal Lifemarc-benioff-with-his-wife

Marc is happily married with Lynnie Benioff. The couple lives in San Francisco, California with their two children.

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Marc benioff bookBehind the Cloud: The Untold Story of How Went from Idea to Billion
Marc benioff quotesYou must always be able to predict what's next and then have the flexibility to evolve.
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