Lupin Pharmaceuticals is a byproduct of the pharmaceutical boom that hit the Indian market in the 1960s. During this period a number of pharmaceutical companies were launched in the countries and

Founding Date: 1968

Company Name: Lupin Limited

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Country: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Company Website:

some of these, Lupin being one of them grew impressively and made its present felt in the global market. The company is known not just for its manufacture of drugs for various ailments but also for the extensive research that it has been carrying out in finding breakthrough drugs for serious diseases.

The Beginning of Lupin Pharmaceuticals


Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta who was a professor at the prestigious BITS Pilani envisioned fighting the various ailments that were affecting the lives of millions of people in his country. He took a step towards this and established Lupin in 1968. Of course, the pharmaceutical arena was a highly competitive one in those days and Lupin Pharmaceuticals was up for facing any challenges that came its way.


Within a short time after its conception, the company started manufacturing and marketing drugs for ailments like cardiovascular diseases, asthma, tuberculosis, diabetes and NSAIDS. It went on to be the largest manufacturer of drugs that cured TB and this achievement got global recognition to the company.

Lupin Pharmaceuticals is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra but has its manufacturing units across the world in Europe, USA, Philippines, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Latin America and Australia.

Endeavors in R&D


Most pharmaceutical companies find it hard to strike a balance between manufacturing drugs and also carrying out researches to find new drugs for various ailments. However, Lupin Pharmaceuticals has somehow found this balance and focuses on research too. In fact, the company has a huge Research Headquarter in Pune, Maharashtra where more than 1200 scientists work day and night to develop new drugs that can change the face of medicine in the world.

Lupin is also conducting researches to improve the drug delivery systems and once this comes through, the world would definitely be in for a surprise and a magnificent change.

Role in Social Causes


During the 1980s, when the Indian government was fighting a losing battle against TB, Lupin Pharmaceuticals came forth with a partnership and lent a helping hand in fighting the dreaded disease. The company also started Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation, which aims at making India a better and healthier country.

Lupin works extensively in the rural areas of India to spread awareness among the people about various diseases, precautions and drugs. The company conducts a number of rural development programs in the country and has touched the lives of people in 3100 villages in the states of Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Achievements and Accolades


Lupin Pharmaceuticals is the second largest drug manufacturing company in India. On the global level, it ranks 5th in the list of generic drug producers. In a survey conducted by BlueBytes on India’s Most Reputed Pharmaceutical Brands, the company was ranked number one.

Lupin Pharmaceuticals has grown manifold from the time of its establishment. In 2015, its annual revenue was estimated at $2.06 billion.


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