Close your eyes for a moment.
Think about the sea.
Is it deep blue or turquoise green?
The sun is all over your skin, gently hugging the curves of your body.

Can you see the stones through the water?
Imagine your feet on the white sand.
Can you feel how warm it is?
Are you looking at the high seas from where you are standing?
Everything you are looking at and feeling is peaceful, profound and soothing.
It’s phenomenal, isn’t it?

Owning a piece of property by the beach, even if it were 20m2, must be one of the most amazing things on Earth. Opening window shutters every morning to smell the scent of the sea and salt, drinking your morning cup of coffee while listening to the waves, reading the paper and occasionally glancing at dolphins dancing to their natural beat of nature… it’s spectacular, every second of it.


Water is known to have a calming effect; in fact, if you’ve ever been to therapy, you’ve probably noticed that therapy offices often have a fish tank or fish bowl at the focal point of the office, as their calm movement through the water, and water itself, bring about a sense of tranquility, composure, and serenity. The same applies to being near a large/wide natural water surface, whether it’s an ocean, sea or river.


If you ever get the opportunity to purchase a piece of property by the sea, or at least rent one for a while, do it – and here’s why:

It’s Therapeutic


Spending time by the beach is not only exciting but it’s incredibly relaxing. While you can pick up a multitude of watersports to boost your adrenaline, you can also just go swimming for the whole body and mind cleansing, do yoga on the beach at sunset and sunrise, or just gaze at the sea. Hemingway loved his sea, didn’t he? It helped him focus, clear his mind, detox of negative thoughts and communicate his creativity through words. And here we are, decades later – mentioning him.

It’s a Smart Investment


People will always want to go on vacation and you’ll have rooms for rent; when you are not at your house you can rent it to other interested parties for housekeeping or their vacation time. This is a spot-on ROI successfully accomplished.

For an added bonus, you can turn decorating of your new house into a family project (or your personal one) and make it a stress-relief therapy. Browse through some beach furniture to add warmth to your home, explore Mediterranean-inspired styles, look to Greek-color pallet for insight, etc. You’ll enjoy it.

It’s Healthy


Living by the sea opens up your menu to healthy seafood, vegetables, and fruits grown in this climate. Often, homes located on the beach don’t have many supermarkets or mall chains around; this limits your possibilities to live on an unhealthy diet. Instead, you’ll be opting for fresh, locally grown foods that will work on boosting your immune system and improving your life habits. You may even learn how to cook in the process!

It’s Physically and Mentally Empowering


Swimming is both a cardio and strength training; water is about 800 times denser than air which means you have to engage your core muscles more in order not to sink. While swimming, you are targeting often-neglected deltoids, lats, and traps. Swimming is about staying balanced and it helps you develop the deep stabilizing muscles in your core and lower back while, at the same time, increasing lung power.

When your face is under water, oxygen is at a premium and your body begins using oxygen more efficiently; when submerged in water, blood flow to the brain is increased by up to 14 percent which makes you intellectually quicker.

If you are not in a position to purchase a flat/house by the beach, you can always rent one during summer. Just make sure you go to the sea at least once a year – for your own benefit.

Author Bio :

Emma Lawson is a busy mom to two wonderful boys. She is passionate about writing and her boys are her inspiration. She loves to explore, learn and share about parenting techniques. She is a regular contributor to High Style Life. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson

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