Founding Date: 1st May, 1853

Company Name: Levi’s

Industry: Clothing

Country: San Francisco, California, USA

Company Website:

Levi carried on other business pursuits during his career

Levi Strauss and Co. is one of the largest companies of denim jeans, clothes that remained in fashion throughout its creation. It is a privately owner American country that has the main motto of living in Levi’s. It has its headquarters as already mentioned in San Francisco. The owner Levi Strauss had the image of creating comfortable right from the start which progressed with the building of the fashion trends. Denim though in business since 1853, Levis the most favoured and authentic company for denims has never gone and will probably never goes out of its fashion demeanour. If ever searched on Google for information, main and side sites will be provided with that satiates more than enough news. Levis apart from selling from stores also has a very well collection on display in sites of clothing line that go worldwide for online shopping. It provides jobs to many people in need. Apart from this there is a definite picture of the striking and fashionable clothing line that is vastly present in the images section. It shows you the designs and cut in just the right amount so as to attract a very big flock of customers.

Levi's CEO Chip Bergh leads company

Corporate Structure

Levi's headquarters constructed from 25,500 pairs

The company Levi Strauss and Co is a clothing corporation and industry that befits and works worldwide and is generally classified into three geographical divisions. The divisions are most prominently the main and prominent branches. The first one being Levi Strauss Americas (LSA) with headquarter in San Francisco. The second one is Levi Strauss Europe (LSE), which is in Brussels and the last one is Levi Strauss Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (LSAMA), having the headquarters in Singapore.  The staff member count is more than 16000 around the world. The staff number keeps on increasing due to openings of newer outlets with every year in its passing.

Clothing line

The company Levi’s has a very big clothing line

The company Levi’s has a very big clothing line that majorly consists of all denim. Denim shirts, jackets, overalls, skirts and jeans. These were the most basic and homogenous collection that with the passage of time got introduced into the already big housing line. The recent products have jeans, shorts, trousers, dresses, shirts, shoes, jackets, belts, overalls, dresses and jumpsuits.

Jeans are divided as skinny

Jeans are divided as skinny, straight, slim, boot cut, relaxed, taper, flare, tall and more. They are mostly trademarked by a number of three orders. It is for both men and women, while some series are only particularly released as shootouts for particular genders. It is a company that proclaims and adheres to its logo and company motto as their clothes are comfortable to such a limit that it can actually be lived in.

Marketing Strategy

marketing and advertising strategy of Levi’s strike

The marketing and advertising strategy of Levi’s strike the perfect accord as it very well knows how to do it. Better than anyone probably they are one of the best in the business. It shows the passage from childhood to old age and how you can throughout live in fashion without any doubt, much to the alike of jokey and fastrack. They show the rash and wear use of the same clothes and their rough spirit which equates all the sets. The background scores are also amazing that beats within the mind of the customer strikes an instant liking.

Brand Competition

This particular company being from the industry of clothing faces more than enough competition throughout its growth spectrum. But it has a very mature and better way of dealing with this same as it has been in the business for more than 100 years. The company has a very benefiting revenue throughout.

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