One of the most prominent entrepreneurs of the late twentieth and the early twenty-first centuries, Larry Page is credited with the founding of many important technological innovations. Along with Sergei Brin,

NameLarry Page
Date of BirthMarch 26, 1973 (age 43), East Lansing, Michigan, United States
ParentsCarl Victor Page,Gloria Page Larry Page
SiblingsBeverly Page, Carl Victor Page, Jr.
EducationEast Lansing High School,Montessori Radmoor,University of Michigan,Stanford University
SpouseLucinda Southworth (m. 2007)
Childern2- Not mentioned Names
Net worth38.3 Billion USD (2016)

he is credited with devising PageRank, the algorithm on which Google- the search engine created by him and Brin- run on. Currently, he is the CEO of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company.

Early Life of  the Master of Google larry-page-in-early-days

Lawrence “Larry” Page was born on March 23rd, 1973 in East Lansing, Michigan. His parents, Carl Vincent Page Sr. and Gloria Page were professors in computer science at Michigan State University; his father had earned a degree from the University of Michigan in 1965 and he had been described as a “pioneer in computer and artificial intelligence” by BBC reporter Will Smale. Page’s childhood was thus obviously spent in the midst of a scientific environment, and due to the attentive upbringing by his parents, he grew up to be innovative and creative. He was an avid reader and he played the saxophone, influencing his work on search engines years later due to the obsession over time.larry-page-cofounder-of-google

Page attended the Okemos Montessori School (now renamed as the Montessori Radmoor) in Okemos, Michigan from 1975 to 1979 and he graduated from East Lansing High School in 1991. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan, with honors, and a Master of Science degree in computer engineering from Stanford engineering from Stanford University

Career Growth & Milestones of Lary PageGoogle Founders are College Friends

After enrolling in the Ph.D. program for computer science at Stanford University, Page was is a search of a dissertation and he considered writing about the mathematical properties of the World Wide Web, understanding its link structure to a super graph. He focused on the issue of finding out web pages link to a given page, considering the number and the nature of such backlinks as valuable information for that page- the role of citations in academic publishing would also be related to the research. At this time, he met Sergei Brin, a fellow research scholar, who became interested in Page’s research work. They developed a prototype crawler called BackRub It developed into a search engine soon among the Stanford University servers and it went online on the Internet in August 1996.two Stanford PhD students named Sergey Brin

Larry Page and Sergei Brin incorporated Google in a leased garage in early 1998, and the company went on to create profits. Page was himself the CEO of Google right up to 2001 and Brin served as President of Google. Page was ousted from his CEO-ship and he went on to look after Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google that looks after its assets. He made a comeback as Google’s CEO in 2011, moving on to be the CEO of Alphabet Inc. again in 2016.backrub-to-google-change

Personal Life Life of Larry & Married Lifelarry-page-with-his-wife-lucinda-southworth

Larry Page married Lucinda Southworth in 2007, on Necker Island that is owned by Richard Branson. She is a research scientist and the model Carrie Southworth is her sister. They have two children, born in 2009 and 2011, respectively.

House/Home of Larry Page

He also owns a Spanish Colonial Revival-styled house in Palo Alto, California, which features intricate stucco work, culminating in a two-story stucco arch that covers the driveway.Larry Page's eco-friendly Palo Alto mansion

The page also owns a superyacht named Senses, complete with a helicopter pad, sunbathing decks, and ten luxury suites. It was built for marine exploration to be done in absolute comfort. Recently, Page has converted his house into an eco-friendly house which minimizes the harm made to the environment.

Awards & Achievementsprince-of-asturias-awards-2008

He has been awarded many accolades for the pioneering work he has done and for his contributions to computer science with the invention of Google. He, along with Brin, remain an influence in the world of computer science and engineering.

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