Koch Industries is a US-based company with involvement in a wide range of industries across the country. Founded by Fred C. Koch in 1940, it employs more than 60,000 people

in the US alone, in addition, 40,000 more in 59 other nations. The company is also the owner of Invista, Flint Hills Resources, Georgia-Pacific, Koch Fertilizer, Koch Pipeline, Molex, Koch Minerals and a few others. Over the last few years, the company has become one of the biggest privately held companies in the country.

Founding of Koch Industriesco-founded-by-fred-c-koch

Koch Industries was co-founded by Fred C. Koch more than 75 years ago in 1940. It was originally founded as Wood River Oil & Refining Company. Later, it became Rock Island Oil & Refining Company and finally became Koch Industries. rock-island-oil-refining-company

Fred founded it with an aim of developing a novel process for refining crude oil. In 1946, it acquired Rock Island refinery & crude oil gathering system of Duncan, Oklahoma, and it was renamed as Rock Island Oil & Refining Company. Fred died in 1967, after which his son, Charles Koch, became the Chairman of the company. Currently, Charles Koch is the CEO and Chairman of the board of the company, and his other son, David Koch, is the executive vice president.

Koch Industries IncKoch Industries Inc

Koch Industries Inc. has been involved in a myriad of industries in the US and even outside, including biofuels, chemicals, refining, fertilizers, fibers, polymers, consumer products, pollution control, energy, glass, ranching, investments, commodity trading and many others. Founded by the father in 1940, it is now run by his two sons David and Charles Koch.

Koch Industries Internshipskoch-internship-program

The Charles Koch Institute of Koch Industries runs a semester-long internship program during fall, spring, and summer every year. It aims at introducing students to non-profit careers by way of hands-on experience, including those in digital and marketing media, research and policy analysis, public relations and communications, graphic designing, video production, fundraising etc. Interns may work in a non-profit organization in Washington DC or any other place within the US.

Koch Industries WichitaAn exterior view of Koch Industries headquarters

Koch Industries is based in Wichita, Kansas, US, and has its headquarters there only. In 1925, Fred had joined Lewis E. Winkler, who had done his engineering in Wichita. It was in Wichita that they developed an extremely efficient process of thermal cracking that made gasoline from crude oil. Flint Hills Resources LP of Koch Industries is a major chemicals and refining company in Wichita, through which the company sells diesel, gasoline, ethanol, jet fuel, polymers, asphalt, base oils and intermediate chemicals.

Koch Industries CompaniesGeorgia-Pacific Tower HQ in downtown Atlanta

A large number of companies are working as subsidiaries of Koch Industries. Arteva Europe is an internal bank of the company being headquartered in Luxembourg. In addition to Flint Hills Resources LP in Wichita, it also operates Georgia-Pacific in Atlanta, which is a major pulp and paper company in the US.

INVISTA is its fibers and polymer company, while Koch Ag & Energy Solutions, LLC comprises of Koch Fertilizer, Koch Agronomic Services, Koch Methanol and Koch Energy. Other companies operated by Koch Industries include Koch Chemical Technology Group, Koch-Glitsch, Koch Pipeline Company, Matador Cattle Company and Molex.

Koch Industries ProductsKoch Industries Products

Koch Industries is one of the primary suppliers of petroleum, chemicals, fiber, energy, polymers, paper, fertilizers, minerals, ranching, finance, commodities, investments, ventures and others in the country. Its products are known to be high in quality and advanced in technology.

Started as a single enterprise to turn crude oil into gasoline, Koch Industries has now become one of the largest service providers in the US. Being run fine by the sons of the co-founder, the company operates divisions in a number of products and services across the globe.