A 35 year old young American businessman, the cardinal owner of real estate company, Kushner Companies, along with the weekly publishing newspaper company, The New York Observer, Jared Kushner is recently on the headlines for being politically effective in the US election campaigns.

Jared Kushner being one of the chief advisors of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has a net worth of $200 million.

Early Life of American Businessman


Born to Charles Kushner and Seryl Kushner, Jared Kushner was born as their elder son on 10th of January, 1981. Raised in an orthodox Jewish household along with his brother, Joshua and two sisters, Nicole and Dara, Jared completed his early education at Frish School.charles-kushner-seryl-kushner-parents

During his graduation course of B.A. in sociology, Jared successfully completed deals involving sell and purchase of building in Somerville, Massachusetts, which eventually led to a profit of $20 million. Jared earned the degree of B.A. in sociology from Harvard University (2003) and,


degree of Juris Dictor (J.D) and Masters of Business Administration from New York University (NYU) (2007).


Career & Growth

Newspaper Publishing

mr-kushner-pushing-his-paper-in-pershing-squareWith the profit earned during his graduate years at NYU, Jared bought The New York Observer, in the year of 2006 when he was just a young 25 year old lad. He has been credited for increasing the prominence of The Observer in the online era by issuing the newspaper’s tabloid format. Initially, in the month of April, 2016, The Observer, endorsed the then US presidential candidate and present day President of USA, Donald Trump.

Real Estate

kushner-companies-purchased-666-fifth-avenue-in-2007At the age of 27, Jared Kushner became the CEO of Kushner Companies, post the imprisonment of Charles Kushner for his association with tax evasion as well as illegal campaign donations. In the US real estate history, office building in 666 Fifth Avenue, was bought by Jared at a record price of $1.8 billion of a single building.ceo-of-kushner-companiesJared Kushner led Kushner Companies to gain around 11,000 units in New York, New Jersey and the Baltimore area, in the year of 2013-2014. Jared made a statement in the real estate with yet another upbeat purchase of 50.1% of the Times Square Building for $295 million.

Political Presence

donald-trumps-presidential-election-campaignsKushner family has been widely recognized for their donations to the Democratic Party and some hand-picked Republican candidates. For around 14 years tenure from 1991 to 2006, Jared was a consistent contributor of the Democratic Party.

Jared Kushner Became Donald Trump's Mini-MeJared efficiently designed the digital and social media sectors of Donald Trump’s Presidential election campaigns, 2016. Apart from formatting the speeches on Trump’s behalf, Jared has been noted for helping Donald Trump in employing White house transition group. Upon exit of Corey Lewandowski, Jared Kushner came to the front seat of Trump’s presidential campaigns from June 2016 onwards, as the de facto campaign manager.jared-kushner-and-chris-christieAs per a report by The New York Times, Jared is a fan of the story “The Count of Monte Cristo”. The New York Times strengthen their argument by relating the real life event of Jared Kushner’s influence in dismissal of Chris Christie from Trump’s White House Transition group along with other members of the group associated with Christie. Christie was the United States Attorney for New Jersey and thus played a key role in the arrest order implementation and execution leading to imprisonment of Charles Kushner in the year 2005. The New York Times report was backed by CNN and The Washington Post.

Personal Life

kushner-married-ivanka-trump-in-2009Jared Kushner married Ivanka Trump, daughter of President of USA, Donald Trump, on October 25, 2009. Ivanka converted to Judaim, prior to the wedding with Jared. The wedding ceremony followed the orthodox Jewish culture.

jared-kushner-family-photoJared and Ivanka’s family has been blessed and completed with their three children, Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore.