HTC Company is known for its wide range of consumer electronics. With its headquarters based in New Taipei in Taiwan, the company was formed with an aim to design and manufacture

Founding Date: May 15th, 1997

Company Name: HTC Corporation

Industry: Telecommunication Equipment

Country: Xindiam District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Company Website:

various electronic devices like mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. The novel design of these designs coupled with technological prowess makes these products highly popular among the consumers.


Peter Chou, Cher Wang

HTC was founded in 1997 by Peter Chou and Cher Wang. The company began its operations by designing notebook computers. However, they soon diversified into the design and manufacture of touch phones. Their line of mobile phones was highly applauded by the consumers giving them instant success in the telecommunication arena.



HTC Company has been a pioneer of sorts in the development of modern gadgets. They were the first company to launch touch sensitive phones in the market. Later, they also went on to develop the first smartphone, HTC Dream that worked on Android. They also introduced the first smartphone to work on Microsoft software. Their PDAs aka Personal Digital Assistants is what paved way to the development of modern day tablets and phablets.

High end internet connectivity in mobile phones through 3G was also the brain child of HTC. They later introduced the first ever 4G compatible phones too in the US market in 2010. Most of the companies that have high end touch phones and tablets have actually been inspired by HTC Company.4G compatible phones too in the US market in 2010

In 2011, HTC came up with the idea of developing a smart vehicle that would make driving a treat. Named as Luxgen, this vehicle is supposed to be fitted with various smart devices that would be able to gauge different hazards and other problems on the road.LUXGEN S5 Turbo

A Period of Strugglefounder Cher Wang

In spite of all the innovation and novel ideas, success alluded HTC for a long time. In fact, the founder Cher Wang had to put in her personal finances to develop a research and designing team. However, her forethought and persistence paid off and she was soon rewarded with the brilliant results that she was looking forward to achieve.

As far as advertising is concerned, the company is worlds apart from its contemporaries. It does not believe in spending huge amounts to make its presence felt. Instead it prefers to make a lee way by offering novel and never heard of technology coupled with awesome designs.

AchievementsTaiwan's HTC ranks 98th among Interbrand's

Open Handset Alliance, which is group of manufacturers of mobile handsets and networks, was co-founded by HTC. In the year 2011, HTC Company ranked 98th on the Best Global Brands report by Interbrand.

The HTC Companyhtc-company-htc-desire-pro-htc-lifestyle-mobile-phones

HTC has close to 14332 employees working for it. in 2013, a survey stated that HTC’s share in the global smartphone market was lower than 3%. However, with their new ideas and technologies they were soon able to increase this to 7.2%. With annual revenue of $4.25 billion, the company continues to be a strong competition to all the telecommunication giants.

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