Think you have a writing talent, but don’t know how to start your career? Then this paper is just for you. Stick to the advice below, and you’ll get much more chance to hit the bull’s eye in writing!

How to Start Your Writing Career

Failure and the Right to Create

Let’s start right from the advantages of being a writer:

  • The ability to express yourself and share your thoughts with the world.
  • Free schedule.
  • No creative boundaries.
  • The possibility to become the face of an epoch.

What are the cons?

Well, there’s the one that can nullify all the pros. And that’s the ability to remain in shadows for the whole writing path. You must be aware of the fact that only one of a thousand writers gains the expected recognition. However, that’s not the reason to be scared. At least, you have to try. None but the brave deserve the fair!

If you’re dreaming about the writing business, I think you would be happy to know how to start, what writing concepts to stick to, and what pitfalls to avoid.

How to Start

How to Start writing

5 Effective Ways To Rise

If you have no special education, the easiest way to start the career is to start writing online. Please calm down if you think you’ll be able to write a bestseller and become a winner of numerous awards from the very beginning. Quite a worthy goal, but almost impossible. As practice shows, there’s almost no chance to get all the laurels immediately.

I’m not trying to cool your desire to become a writer – I’m just trying to prepare you for the reality. The two biggest options for a beginning writer are as follows:

  • Starting a blog. Although you may wonder why you need a blog to publish books, it does have sense. Actually, many publishers present recordings of popular blogs in the form of a book. That is, in fact, you write on a daily basis, and then send the pieces to the editors. The wider the audience and the greater the traffic to your page, the higher the chance to be noticed and get published.
  • Becoming a copywriter. Well, it’s a two-sided coin. On the one hand, you’ll hone your writing style and get a feeling of how it’s to get paid for writing; on the other hand, there’s a great chance to remain a copywriter forever, especially if writing brings enough money. That’s why it’s important to go beyond working boundaries and allocate some time to write for yourself.

Among the main characteristics of a professional writer, I can name such qualities as intelligent and clear expressing of thoughts, exciting writing style, and the ability to turn boring things into a funny stuff. Nevertheless, literary talent is a gift!

To conquer the literary Olympus, you’ll need:

  • Great working capacity to bring to life the ideas emerging in your mind.
  • Literacy to avoid style changes during the editing
  • Perseverance to focus on writing and think over all the details of the future book.
  • Continuous self-education to remain on the crest of a wave for a long time and write relevant books.
  • Vast life experience to be able to create grounded masterpieces based on personal feelings and beliefs.

Tips on How to Become a Demanded Writer

 #1 Just Start Writing

Tips on How to Become a Demanded Writer

Very often, people who search the answer haven’t even tried to write a single word. Don’t you think it’s strange? How can you say you know how to write or not until you try? To be fair, asking “How to become a writer” indicates the fact that you haven’t immersed in the heart of the matter and even don’t know how to describe your problem in details, asking more specific questions.

A professional auto mechanic would never ask “How to fix the car” – he would rather ask “How to eliminate condensation in the carburetor.”

Just start writing. No matter how poor is your style – just take a pen and start writing.

 #2 Look for Answers and Continue to Practice

The more you write, the more questions arise, especially at the initial stage. The more answers you get, the more you practice. That’s a closed circle of self-education.

In general, your ability to write useful materials depends on your experience and knowledge. Thus, you have to be curious, persistent and hardworking. Absolutely every successful writer has passed a thorny way.

It may seem surprising, but those who produces one bestseller after another once barely squeezed a line out of themselves. If you are familiar with the works of Stephen King, you might know how many obstacles he had overcome until becoming a recognizable author.

#3 Watch for People and Care About Details

Realistic characters are half the battle. If you write about a certain profession, gather as much specific information as possible and enlist the support of experts in the field. If you write about the life of IT worker, then be prepared for the fact that the programmer may close the book if notices some nonsense about his profession.

#4 Be Ready to Refusals

Even if you’ve just created a work you consider a masterpiece, be ready for the contrary opinion. Write each story as it’s the last story in your life. And even if you get a couple of refusals, continue to stick your line.

#5 Don’t Pursue Literary Prizes

Don’t Pursue Literary Prizes

Work just for the reader! Don’t try to create a “masterpiece” that could be perceived by only a few critics. The simpler and the clearer the material, the more readers you get. Instead of honing your story by adding unnatural speech patterns, set yourself a goal to write 1000 words a day.

Of course, only the desire is not enough to become a demanded writer. The popularity of the book is predetermined not only by its quality. Since books are the same product on the market like any other, the marketing comes into play. If you want your works to become popular, then you need to cooperate with marketing, advertising, and PR professionals. A successful is much more than just a writer.


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