Founding Date: 24th November, 1948

Company Name: Honda motor company

Industry: Automotive/ Aviation/ Telematics/Conglomerate

Country: Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Company Website:

Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa foundersWorld’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles, Honda Motor Company, is one of the highly renowned company in the world of not just automobile industry but also aviation, telematics, and conglomerates. Upon typing Honda Motor Company on the Google Search Engine search tab leaves results like the official website of Honda motor company (, Website of Honda 2 wheelers, Wikipedia page of Honda Motor Company, company website of subsidiary Indian company of Honda Motor Co., Bloomberg and Google finance page on Honda Motor Co. profile along with Quikr page for selling posts of any vehicle manufactured by HondaMotor Co.Soichiro Honda - Founder of the Honda Motor Company

The conception of Honda Motor Company

First corporate Honda location

Once upon a time a Japanese young man who had a dream to do magic with toolkits in the automobile industry, Soichiro Honda, faced a large number of troubles and obstacles before he became the co-founder and visionary of the automobile industry. Even at these dark phases of his life, Soichiro Honda had a friend and acquaintance who believed in him and helped him with finances. With his friend’s help Soichiro Honda founded a company called Tokai Seiki, which successfully signed a contract from Toyota, though the contract went down due to lack of Toyota specific quality. This was the turning point for Soichiro Honda, who worked hard to equip himself with every skill set and knowledge base that would help him produce the most perfect quality automatic engines, etc. In the year 1948, Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa co founded Honda Motor Company or Honda Motor Co., Ltd.  Honda Soichiro inspecting plans for a motorcycle plant

Soichiro Honda was a magician in the automotive industry and in the year 1949, he brought to the world, the most appropriately named the “Dream” D-type motorcycle. Soichiro Honda kept the Honda Motor Co., Ltd’s principals very crisp and clear- originality, innovation and a vision for the future.

Operation of Honda Motor Company

Later on, in 1948, Honda Motor Company was created.While D-type motorcycle was the pioneering motorcycle of Honda, T360 mini truck was the first of its kind presented to the world market in 1963. The luxury vehicle market got struck by the fantastic car model, Acura which is till date the most opted vehicle in America. For the next few years Honda Motor Co., Ltd brought to the world the finest of innovative designs and vehicles such as Honda NSX supercar. As a guarding angel Nobuhiko Kawamoto, the then CEO of Honda Motor Co., delivered the company from the grave risk of being taken over by the Mitsubishi Motors, by shifting the company’s product design and policy to fit the market design and consumer need. In this process, recreational vehicles like CR-V and Odyssey were presented by Honda Motor Co. to the world in the between years 1990-1993. Having achieved excellence and perfection in the automotive business, Honda stuck to it principal of innovation and decided to produce Honda Motor Co., designed and manufactured aircrafts which led to the genesis of Honda Aircraft Company in the year 1995.first car by honda motors

Important Acquisitions

Honda's new CEO Takahiro Hachigo

Honda Motor Company limited set up their first overseas subsidiary in Los Angeles, California, USA in the year 1959, known as the American Honda Motor Company, the official web page link of which is in the top 10 search results of the Google search of Honda Motor Company.

Social Causes

Given the strong belief of Honda Motor Company of giving back to the society and near and dear ones, and in turn make a difference that leads onto successful coexistence of Honda Motor Company and the community, Honda Motor Co., Ltd has been known for funding and organizing programs like setting up at the Eagle Rock school and Professional Development Centre.

Awards and Recognitions

Honda motor Company was elected as the second largest automotive industry in Japanese automobile industry.