From living in the shadows of her husband to finding her own foothold in American politics, Hillary Clinton has definitely come a long way. She has been an inspiration to millions

NameHillary Clinton
Date of BirthOctober 26, 1947
ParentsHugh E. Rodham,Dorothy Howell Rodham
SiblingsTony Rodham, Hugh Rodham
EducationYale Law School University in New Haven, Connecticut
SpouseBill Clinton
Net worth$31.3 Million

Early Life and Taste of Politics

hillari with parents

of women across the world. She is the first ever lady in the history of USA, who went on from being a First Lady to be selected into the US Senate.

Hillary Clinton was born Hillary Rodham in Illinois in Chicago on 26th October 1947. She went to Yale University to study law and it was here that she met and fell in love with Bill Clinton. During college days, she was quite active in student politics.

During her college years, Hillary got her firsthand experience of the political scene, when in 1971 she went to Washington DC to support the then US Senator Walter Mondale with his subcommittee for migrant workers in the country. Later in 1972, she worked for George McGovern when he was contesting the presidential elections.

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She played a key role during the Watergate Scandal as at that time she was an advisor in the Judicial Committee of the House of the Representatives.

Marriage and Journey as First Lady

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Hillary married her college sweetheart Bill Clinton on October 11th, 1975 and officially became Hillary Clinton. In 1978, Bill Clinton was elected the Governor which led to Hillary becoming the first lady of the state Arkansas, which she continued to be for close to twelve years with just a minor gap in between.

When Bill Clinton decided to contest the presidential elections in 1992, she proved to be a pillar of support for him. Later, when he won the elections, he appointed her as the Head of the National Health Reform Task Force.

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However, in 1998, when her husband was embroiled in the Monica Lewinsky Sex Scandal, she openly supported her husband, though she decided to leave the marriage.

Becoming a Senator and Contesting Presidential Election

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With her husband’s presidential rule being short-lived, Hillary Clinton decided to take to the political arena in full swing and became victorious as the election for US Senate by defeating Rick Lazio in New York. She was later reelected to the Senate in 2006.

In the year2007, she decided to contest the Presidential Election with an idea to become the First Lady President of USA. However, her competitor Barrack Obama proved to be much in favor which is why she decided to pull out of the election.

Hillary’s mettle was definitely was missed on Obama, who after becoming the President nominated her to be the US Secretary of the State. As the US Secretary, she worked extensively for improving Women’s Rights and Human Rights and became the First US Secretary to have travelled extensively.


hillari Controversies

When the US Diplomat Christopher Stevens and three other ambassadors were killed in Bengzhai, Libya in 2012, Hillary Clinton and her team came under scrutiny. During the investigation, she took full responsibility for the whole incident and resigned from her post in 2013.

She aims to run for the Presidential Elections of USA in 2016 and hopes to make her dream of becoming the First Woman American President.